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    “Bet the next Salient is going to milk this dry”

    Victoria was one of three tertiary institutions last week to be targeted by violent threats.


  • Issue 25, 2015


  • love

    How to Find Love in Wellington

    Many find it difficult to know where to begin searching for love, especially now that Hope Bros is gone.


  • violence

    On Violence

    For too long New Zealand has ignored the fact domestic violence is the most pernicious symptom of a wider social disease: male privilege and its proprietary right over women and children.


  • nzer

    Salient’s New Zealander of the Year

    The New Zealander of the Year Awards have been an annual fixture in Salient since just now. Who will win this most prestigious of gongs? (Lima Sopoaga.) Does anybody even care? (Probably not.) Why is this even here? (We had three pages to fill.) Read on to find out! ____________________ Evil Corporation of the Year […]


  • surveillance

    Hack Like Nobody’s Watching

    Ever since intelligence community martyr and recent Twitter user Edward Snowden leaked classified documents from the NSA, we’ve suddenly become aware of the extent to which intelligence agencies can keep tabs on all of our online actions.


  • ian curtis

    The Ian Curtis Memorial Wall, Wallace Street: An Investigation

    When we moved to Wellington, we lived in a small hovel on Wallace Street in Mount Cook. Leaving our home, we would wander down to the Adelaide Road Countdown to buy mince, passing the series of murals on western Wallace Street. As we crested the hill, we’d come upon a large blue and black mural. […]


  • baby boomers

    Why I Hate Baby Boomers

    My parents were in town the other day and I casually mentioned over dinner that I really hate Baby Boomers. They digested their curries and eyed me up with annoyance, mentally stowing away yet another reason to disinherit me. All those chocolate bars I stole from my older brother when we were kids, after which […]


  • Issue 23, 2015


  • architecture

    I Fucking Love Architecture School

    Hoo boy, if there is one thing in this world that I love more than anything else it is studying fucking architecture at Te Aro campus. The rest of the world can be swallowed up in flames leaving nothing but that beloved red building for all I care, for nothing exists for me outside of […]


  • empathy

    Empathy Politics

    “If I were a boy, I think I could understand”—Beyoncé Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy fail to hit it off for a very long time. Rudeness, arrogance and pride are not exactly desirable qualities in a soulmate. Yet, presuming you have at least had the pleasure of watching Colin Firth romantically dive (somewhat inexplicably) into […]


  • pc v console

    The Silliest Debate of All

    I’ve never really been one to get into arguments on the internet. For many people it can be an easy trap to fall into, fuelled by pride, bravado and a determination to prove that stupid cunt you’ve never met before is wrong about everything. Words like “douchepants”, “shitlord”, and “filthy, dirty, disgusting, brutal, bottom-feeding, trashbag […]


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    Editor's Pick

    In the Shadow of the Kowloon Walled City


    : At its peak, the Kowloon Walled City was home to 33,000 people in just two hectares of land—a hastily put together conglomerate of tiny apartments, one of top of the other, caged balconies slapped onto the sides and connected through a labyrinth of damp, dark corridors.