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  • “It doesn’t have to be boring”: Chlöe Swarbrick vs. status quo

    We spoke to Auckland mayoral candidate Chlöe Swarbrick about her campaign.


  • Issue 22, 2016


  • how-to-survive-work-with-a-hangover


    Most of you are students and don’t have to worry your pretty little first year heads about committing to shit on a Monday. You can skive off your lectures, eat mi goreng in bed, and be a general lout. This is a lesson for those of you that are eventually going to end up having […]


  • unions

    The Young and the Agitated

    Our generation has no shortage of causes. It’s probably because of the internet, which makes it easy to know about a lot of shit things that exist and also to register some kind of opinion about them, be it a like-comment-share or, if you really believe in it, the lending of the weight of your […]


  • nannies

    Nannies and mannies: my life as Fran Drescher

    Paid childcare isn’t a new occupation. Governesses, and other paid childcare providers, became more common throughout the 18th and 19th centuries as the upper-middle class were able to afford to pay others to look after their children. Governesses were more like in-home teachers than babysitters, often required to teach their charges additional languages, reading, writing, […]


  • Issue 21, 2016


  • finn

    Why You Can’t Kiss Your Mates (spoiler: it’s because of rugby)

    Nearly six years ago, at the stupidly young age of eighteen, I spent three summer months wandering around South America with a few mates in hopes of stumbling across some kind of bargain ‘life experience’ I could don and show off back home like a cool leather jacket. In addition to the number of super […]


  • faith

    The Privilege of Them Feels

    Who else can’t stand Angela from The Real Housewives of Auckland? From the moment I watched her interact with the other women, I knew that she was a snake underneath that fucking killer fake smile. I literally felt like vomiting after watching her attack Gilda at Michelle’s dinner party on the second episode: I could […]


  • laura

    Talking Is Doing

    “I think the key thing with anything is to always seek help. Not just professional help, but tell somebody. Coz they might easily tell you that’s normal, I get it all the time. And if it’s not, then you know you need to escalate…”   When my eldest sister sent this message to me and […]


  • Issue 20, 2016


  • charlie

    We demand choice over our bodies

    When the media talk about transgender people the discussion will often focus on genitals. The question “have you had the surgery” regularly comes up. But it is not that simple. Not all transgender people wish to medically transition; some people only want certain procedures and this does not make them any less trans. Medical transition […]


  • sharon

    Searching for a hands-free orgasm just made me angry and horny

    Orgasms that don’t require any physical touch have long been discussed in department store whispers. First comes salad, then comes yoga, then come orgasmic meditation workshops. Is there any truth to these fully clothed, hands-free orgasms, or are they just another fad popularised by people who have a bit more time and a bit more […]


  • itchy


    They always covered up the parts they hated most. Stretch-marked thighs and blemished skin, but now they had a bigger problem. It started as a pimple just above their belly button. Overnight it multiplied and darkened. So they told no one and drew a line around the patch of miscellaneous rash, hoping to track its […]


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    I, Daniel Blake and the Welfare State


    : Recently at the NZIFF I was fortunate enough to see Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake, this year’s winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes. By the end of the film nearly everybody seemed to be in mourning and most of the people seated around me were sniffling and wiping their eyes. I,

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