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    Karori Campus Battleground

    27 March 2017: The Wellington City Council (WCC) has released a long awaited decision on the fate of the VUW’s Karori Campus, after the university announced in 2016 that the campus was no longer required.

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    Vic Values

    27 March 2017: Victoria University is set to institute a series of civic engagement programmes in 2018.

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    Tertiary Report Misses the Mark

    27 March 2017: The Productivity Commission's report on New Models of Tertiary Education “has done a disservice to New Zealanders,” according to VUWSA President Rory Lenihan-Ikin.

  • Karori Campus Battleground

    The Wellington City Council (WCC) has released a long awaited decision on the fate of the VUW’s Karori Campus, after the university announced in 2016 that the campus was no longer required.


  • Issue 4, 2017

    Issue 04

  • onbeauty

    On Beauty

    Mama was the first thing I ever thought was beautiful. Her hair is smooth and black and her milky skin is always somehow glossy. In my childish wonder, her high, round cheekbones and remote expression seemed to give her a regal tranquillity, the aloof aura of a prinsesa. But she is provincial, an insignificant daughter […]


  • dexter

    When will Pasifika Success just be… success?

    My name is Dexter Stanley-Tauvao. I am proud to be Samoan. I have Tongan, German, Dutch, and Chinese heritage. However, I grew up mostly observing and taking part in Samoan culture and customs (although I am a fluent German speaker). My parents split when I was very young, and I grew up with my mother’s […]


  • wheninrome

    When In Rome

    1 My mother used to say I never fell in love with the things that mattered. When I was fourteen, I brought home a little cat from the street, named him Julius Caesar. His fur was matted with dirt and blood and last night’s rain. When I searched for a collar under the fur of […]


  • Issue 3, 2017

    Issue 03

  • CapitalC

    Capital C

    Tucked off busy Willis Street exists Wellington’s most ambitious food concept — Capital Market, the city’s current answer to the long-time global phenomenon that is the food court and home to the widest array of affordable food fare. With tall canopies, kaleidoscopic backdrops, and ill-fated pigeons on the prowl, the market announces its presence, and […]



    The Culture of Shame: Talanoaga ma Witch Bitch, FAFSWAG

    FAFSWAG is a Pacific Art Collective based in South Auckland. Their sub-group Witch Bitch, comprising of Sione, Manu, and Pati, brought their exhibition Statuesque Anarchy with curator Tanu to Enjoy Gallery, Wellington. Salote and Laura sat with them on the floor of the gallery to chat about their intersectional experiences of being young, Pacific, artists, […]


  • Cloud_feature2

    Lament under the long white cloud

    TW: This article contains discussion of suicide and drug use.   After eight years I still have questions. Twelve and thirteen-year olds aren’t equipped to deal with suicide, and I remember sitting in the chapel feeling helpless; dumbly wondering at the magnitude of it all as your mother, father, and brother gave testament to your […]


  • Issue 2, 2017

    Issue 02

  • Ihumatao

    History Never Repeats: Steps to the end of a lie

    The Occupation at Ihumātao We are told, through the myriad of news outlets that create it, that ours is an age of post-fact. Competing powers vie for our attention, each with a different story about the world. In our feeds and on our screens we see lie after lie laid bare, “alternative-facts,” and the rise […]



    Newtown Fest: Getting it right with girls and guitars

    Newtown Festival recently celebrated its 21st birthday but, unlike a typical 21st, its festivities were far less trashy, and didn’t involve any yardies or tactical voms (to my knowledge). In saying this, the organisers have had 21 years of practice to get things right — and they pulled through with this year’s lineup. Every stage […]


  • ROB

    In quo puer mortuus est | In which a boy dies

    There is little doubt in my mind that I have made a terrible mistake somewhere in my life. As if possessed, I maniacally agreed to review these most horrific of times. When other students are huddling inside, locking their doors in an attempt to keep the wanton destruction of the outside world at arm’s length, […]


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    Summertime Sadness: An Ode to a Short-Lasting Summer


    : As the Wellington’s annual premature cold kicks in, the hashtag tbt increases sevenfold and we all begin to get moody at the thought of the imminent mould sure to resurface in the coming months. I was fortunate enough to grab at least a week of sunshine and happiness in the ear