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    A Fairer Aotearoa

    18 September 2017: On August 30 the Living Wage Movement hosted A Fairer Aotearoa forum at St Peter’s on Willis church to draw attention to the low wages that essential members of the public service are employed on.

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    Not Enough to Begin With

    18 September 2017: Auckland Action Against Poverty have launched Not Enough Left, a campaign prioritising the voices of beneficiaries and calling for a system “where all people have enough income to live in dignity.”

  • A Fairer Aotearoa

    On August 30 the Living Wage Movement hosted A Fairer Aotearoa forum at St Peter’s on Willis church to draw attention to the low wages that essential members of the public service are employed on.


  • Issue 20, 2017

    Issue 20

  • maxx

    The Politics of Caring: Interview with Max Harris

    Max Harris is the author of The New Zealand Project, which argues for a values-centred approach to politics in New Zealand. Max is a recipient of the All Souls Fellowship and is currently completing his PhD at Oxford University. We spoke with Max over Skype as he ate his dinner in a café in New […]


  • kate (1)

    On the Fence

    Katie Meadows, in conversation with Kate Baxter In case you hadn’t noticed we’re in the midst of a general election that’s been kind of stressful so far, and it’s become pretty difficult to separate the personal from the political; reading through pages of policies from each party isn’t high on my list when I’m in […]


  • any (1)

    The Intricate Art of Actually Voting: Salient’s (mostly) unbiased guide to the 2017 General Election

      What (is all this election nonsense)? So, after being harassed by massive multi-media campaigns featuring bright orange blobs, politicians’ shit-eating grins, and enough billboards to cover the outside of the Majestic Centre, it’s finally time for us New Zealanders to go to the polls for the general election. Over the last two months we’ve […]


  • Issue 19, 2017

    Issue 19


    White Bread in the Hāngī

    Nā Monika Maxwell, Ngāi Tūhoe, Ngāti Aerana   I am awful when it comes to starting a project, notoriously so. I’m the person you tag in memes about procrastinating, the person who smiles blankly when you ask how their essays going, and the person who eases your anxiety by ensuring you that you’re not the only […]



    Don’t Let Them Fool You

    Nā Te Nia Matthews, Ngāi Tūhoe   In beginning this piece, I had two questions put forward to me. The first was whether I saw myself as Māori first or as a New Zealander. 1000 per cent I see myself as being Māori first. However, my personal view does not nullify any other Māori view on […]


  • RED

    Putting the Mana in Mana Wāhine

    Last trimester, I had the immense joy — and yes, though it was a university project, I do mean that honestly — of researching and exploring a topic that intrigued me: mana wāhine. I think the main reason it intrigued me was because I didn’t really understand what it was before I started this project. […]


  • Issue 18, 2017

    Issue 18

  • georgialove

    RE: Conceptual Romance

    I was apprehensive to write about Chris Kraus. She seems to have become a bizarre receptacle for the projections of well-read white feminists. People feel compelled to mention Lena Dunham when talking about Kraus. The re-issued copy of I Love Dick resembles the opening credits of Girls. Lena Dunham gifted a copy of I Love […]


  • redalert1

    Red Threads

    There’s a sentiment shared by many on the Left today: capitalism no longer promises to collapse in the distant future; it is collapsing — we live in the end times. For the French-Italian collective the Invisible Committee (IC), “The present catastrophe is that of a world actively made uninhabitable.” Facing this catastrophe, what alternative worlds […]


  • redalert1

    The Beast and Where It Lives… — La Región Salvaje (2017)

    “There’s some hidden, deeply rooted thing about the Anglo male American that has to do with inferiority, with not being a man, and continually having to act out some idea of manhood that invariably is violent. This sense of failure runs very deep.” — Sam Shepard   “We must return to our bellies, to the […]


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    : The layer of mist over paddocks, delicate and cold; the layer of cows under a silver sun-bleached tree; the hills rising over them and in the distance the whole countryside demarcated by accidental hydrangeas or a gentle river.   All of these layers upon layers over somethin