Dispatch from Gaza

It’s surprising how much a car’s screech can sound like an air-raid siren. As I sit in my West Jerusalem apartment, every boy racer hooning down Betzalel Street sounds like the harbinger of a potential missile strike.

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Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise

The Pasifika Students' Council has elected a new president following revelations of misuse of Samoan Students’ Association funding.

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The Monster in the Dark

I wait until I hear the sound of her snoring. I get out bed and give both Mr Bearington and Barney (not the real one, my one) a kiss. They’re under my blankets pretending to be me.

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Josephine & Leila

The second violin dropped his instrument when the last song finished on a long note

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It seemed like the end of the world but it wasn’t. Something that worked previously had stopped working. He could feel it just below the stomach. Not throbbing.

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