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    UoA Students Occupy Vice-Chancellor’s Office

    6 June 2017: On May 30, University of Auckland (UoA) students calling for UoA's divestment from fossil fuels staged a twelve hour sit-in at the clock tower building, housing the Vice Chancellor’s office, before being removed by police.

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    Tutoring Review Reveals Discrepancies

    29 May 2017: A review of tutoring at VUW has revealed issues with the current system and made recommendations for changes. Many of the issues raised appear to be rooted in wide discretion, and cross-school and faculty inconsistencies, with recruitment and practice.

  • UoA Students Occupy Vice-Chancellor’s Office

    On May 30, University of Auckland (UoA) students calling for UoA’s divestment from fossil fuels staged a twelve hour sit-in at the clock tower building, housing the Vice Chancellor’s office, before being removed by police.


  • Issue 12, 2017

    Issue 12

  • mikkee

    Remaining here too long

    My experience of suburban living is coloured by the necessity of the commute. Suburbia compartmentalises the domestic and private from the public, the urban, and, ideally, the political; the suburb is the space in which actions are governed foremost by the values of the family. What happens, then, is that the suburban dweller is forced […]


  • BONK

    Those who come before

    Written by the Scotney family (with thoughts from Laura and Tim)   Where do we stand? Responsible for a publication with an 80 year legacy, here for eight months, then gone — the responsibility deferred. Albert H. (Bonk) Scotney founded Salient in 1938, and he did so within a specific historical context. His words: “Salient […]


  • Jess

    To not be silent

    CW: Discussion of sexual harassment   Our evening transitioned seamlessly from bobbing to the slow paced, gentle voice of Frankie Cosmos into a slow trek up in the crisp night air back home. We headed towards the glowing traffic lights that marked the sharp turn onto our road. Far down the length of the street, […]


  • Issue 11, 2017

    Issue 11

  • papua

    Double Colonisation: West Papua in the Pacific

    Any real understanding of ourselves and our existing cultures calls for an attempt to understand colonialism and what it did and is still doing to us. — Albert Wendt, Towards A New Oceania, 1978. West Papua occupies the western half of the New Guinea island and is home to two Indonesian provinces — Papua and […]


  • DAN

    A Land Long Clouded

    Imagining Decolonised Cities presents a symposium: What is a Decolonised City?   [Beginning with: The Mind] I had planned to go for only half the symposium, a typical Pākehā response — pop in, see the speakers I wanted to then leave, back to my own life and whatever it was I normally did on Saturdays. […]


  • coral

    Coral Reefs: The Responsibility of Science, or Society?

    On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake and cycle of tsunamis now known as the Sumatra-Andaman event devastated much of Southeast Asia. Coastal communities, especially in western Indonesia, were inundated with walls of water up to 19 metres high that penetrated over two kilometres inland. The death toll was (conservatively) estimated at 230,000. West of […]


  • Issue 10, 2017

    Issue 10


    We Can’t Take It for Granted: Academic Freedom in Hungary

    Academic freedom is under attack in Hungary, where a new law could see the closure of a prominent independent institution, the Central European University (CEU). On April 4, the Hungarian parliament passed a motion to regulate the country’s 28 foreign universities by requiring them to have a campus or offer courses in their country of […]


  • DAN

    Going Bush: Journeys Beyond Scene

    “Their hobnail boots clattered and struck up sparks from the pavement, while their waterproof ‘slickers’ stank of linseed oil and stale woodsmoke… Tramping men were disdained as members of the ‘The Great Unwashed’, while females were viewed with open suspicion, snubbed, and given a wide berth on public transport.” — Tony Nolan, Tararua Tramping Club […]


  • ANON

    Into the Borderlands

    SOUTH COAST, Wellington — Hot as all hell. A 4WD roars by and the plume of dust stings in the light wind. We’ve been dropped just short of the Devil’s Gate, a kilometre or so from the Red Rocks carpark, and our packs are lined up at the base of the cliffs that were quarried […]


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    Go Watch TV: Rick and Morty and Secular Humanism


    : Writers and critics have praised Rick and Morty for its sharp character writing and absurdist take on sci-fi tropes, and I count myself in that number. But there is a mounting backlash against it that I can’t help but pick a bone with. On one of the many, many pop culture podca