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March 15, 2004 | by  | in Music |
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(Live Review) Minuit

Orientation, in the Quad.

The release of the 88, Minuit’s first CD, through Loop recordings last year, set off a summer of touring and gigging around the country. Their performance in the Quad at noon on Friday 5 March was a tight set of favourites from the CD, along with a new track to finish, titled ‘I hate guns’, which crescendoed to a heart-stopping machine-gun bass somewhere in the middle. While talking to Paul later, he mentioned that people actually stop in their tracks on the dancefloor; it’s a really strong effect that leads into an aural space where the lyrics just hang, capturing the full attention of the crowd.

There are more new songs, which they’re testing out in live gigs before deciding what will get recorded.

Minuit is a collection of Nelsonians that proves the maxim that “overnight success” is an oxymoron. Having two members living in Auckland while the other commuted for recordings made life exciting for a while, but the group will be Wellington resident from “sometime in the next month”, so we’ll be seeing more of them.

Minuit defies genre-identification. Its own style has been formed by years of individual development away from any electronica mainstream, but it certainly fits some kind of unconscious movement in music genres this century; a track playing in a TV producers’ mixing room in the UK has ended up being the theme song to a crime show made by the BBC.

One to watch the Package for, coming to Cuba St soon… and listen to b-net. Paul credits them as a great outlet for creativity. Our own radio@ctive have been including Minuit on compilations for a while, as has Mikee of Loop recordings, so there’s been a bit of it out there for the discerning listener. An informal survey conducted last year in Salient offices suggests that the listener might tend to be female, too. Ruth has a very distinctive voice and phrasing in her lyrics which appeals to women particularly, backed up by excellent electronica from Paul and Ryan, the dudes in the back on the decks and polyphonics. Very danceable.

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