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February 28, 2005 | by  | in Film |
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Brotherhood of War (South Korea)

The World Cinema Showcase is a mini-International Film Festival before the big mother. It often includes great films that missed out on the big Festival due to timing or bad luck, or films that are returning. Korea is making some of the most exciting cinema around (admittedly the Asian continent in general is the place making the best films at the moment) and Brotherhood of War is one of the most successful Korean films of all time.

It tells the story of two brothers during the Korean War. One of them finds himself trying to protect his younger brother, the one on whom the entire family had pinned their hopes. However, in the process of protecting his brother, he starts becoming a celebrated military hero.

Admittedly Brotherhood of War isnot the deepest movie. It has been called the South Korean Saving Private Ryan. Despite Ryan’s serious flaws in its attempt to be taken seriously as an art film, it is terrifically entertaining. It has to be said, Spielberg is probably the greatest action film director ever. Brotherhood of War bears resemblance with its sickly-sweet sentimentality, its absolutely brutal war scenes and its terrific entertainment value. Hell, it’s one of those rare films I can sit down with my old man and watch.

The war scenes (the majority of the film) are indeed amazing, told from a highly ambiguous and pointed viewpoint. You’re not going to see waving American flags in this one. It is highly
recommended to anyone who likes watching killing on film (I’m not talking snuff) – because let’s face it, what guy doesn’t?

Brotherhood of War (South Korea)
Directed by Je-Gyu Kang
Paramount (World Cinema Showcase)

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