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February 27, 2006 | by  | in Music |
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Die! Die! Die!

with The French Horns (Aus), The Vacants & Yokel Ono
18th February, Bodega

I’m standing at the front of the stage, watching the band set up their gear, when a guy who’s only marginally more shit-faced than I pushes past, raises two middle-fingers and starts screaming “FUCK YOU” over and over. Singer and guitarist Andrew Wilson calmly places his right foot on the chest of the maniac, kicks him back into the crowd, grabs the mic and retorts, “no, FUCK YOU” and another riotous Die! Die! Die! set begins.

Choruses you can scream along to, a tight rhythm section you could probably dance to, and riffs that kick you in the head with that treble-as-fuck Touch & Go/Amphetamine Reptile guitar tone. It’s catharsis that doesn’t submit to adolescent tribal genre signifiers. I had a blast; you should have been there. Isn’t that what all live reviews really add up to? I guess if the writer wanted to be there. This being the third time Die! Die! Die! have decimated Wellington in the last four months (and I’ve been there every time), call me a true believer. They’re heading off to Austin’s South By Southwest industry showcase later in March. They’ll play to an audience that solely consists of music journalists. They have my congratulations and pity. Hopefully they’ll get serious attention and all drown in liquor and whores while making rock anthems dedicated to cocaine. Personally I’m hoping they do a Black Flag and slowly mutate into the new sludge-driven elders of the new NZ punk scene (they could be Thurston Moore’s new favourite NZ band, he just doesn’t know it yet).

I’m going to submit to a lame live review cliché: due to drinking/other

engagements/bad traffic/lackadaisical communication/apathy/lazy journalism (delete as appropriate) I didn’t get to see much of the opening bands. The French Horns were great however, being similar musically to Die! Die! Die!, but a little less intense and focused. Their own style of danceable punk didn’t carry over too well for a crowd that seemed primed for the headliners, but the great thing about A LOW HUM (which I sadly failed to take advantage of on this particular occasion) is that it exposes you to great bands you haven’t heard of, and you get two CDs and a magazine for just five dollars. On this tour all the bands pulled double duty too, playing an all-ages set earlier in the evening and then coming back out to rock the jaded drunks. A LOW HUM will return in March (and every following month) with another bunch of great bands, a magazine and another two CDs, so get out there and discover some

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damn music.

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