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March 20, 2006 | by  | in Theatre |
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A Salient ‘Top 5’ of festival etiquette…

1) Wash. Nothing is as bad as sitting near to someone who is smelly. Don’t make noise during the performance unless it is either laughter or applause. That means no cell phones, talking or snoring.

2) Don’t fall asleep.

3) Don’t make snide comments about other people enjoying a performance. For example, I laughed at a joke made by Sarkies and the woman behind me (the same woman who snored later) said to her husband: “He must be paid to be here.” Fuck You!

4) Don’t pretend to be all cool because you can actually afford tickets to festival shows. They are expensive and a lot of people (especially students) have saved up just to go to one expensive show like Parsifal or The Dragons Trilogy. We deserve the same respect (if not more so as the night is so much more special) as those who can go see what ever they want.

5) In other words, just be fucking
considerate you twats

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