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May 27, 2006 | by  | in Film |
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Classic film review – Equilibrium (2002)

This is one of my favourite movies ever. I’m fascinated with Nazi Germany, stylish martial arts, Beretta guns, and tight clothing. This movie is my piece of visual paradise.

In the future humans figure out that the whole reason for bloodshed and crime is the fact that we all have emotions. Emotions apparently cause homicidal and depraved outbursts, they cause war and they make you smear poo on an ex’s car. Therefore we must nip it in the bud and just erase emotions altogether. Smart. A great dictator known as ‘Father’ (Sean Pertwee) sits on his throne and encourages his beloved citezens to keep living the dream of his regime. The emotion police, known as ‘clerics’ will hunt you down if you do not take the drug. Out of all the clerics, Preston (Christian Bale) stands out. He is a fighting machine, far surpassing any ‘Cleric’ in skill and determination. He systematically kills for the cause of the empire, until his medication bottle breaks, and so too does the veil of lies that has blinded him since birth.

This movie is stylish, visually beautiful and downright creative. I love the blue-gray filter used, and the vibrant colours that come alive as the movie takes a turn. It was made on a $20 million budget compared to The Matrix’ $60 million plus, and the action is far superior. Director Kurt Wimmer created a fighting style called Gun-Kata especially for this movie, where mathematical calculations are used to predict the next move an opponent will make.

This movie will make you appreciate your erratic hormones, because without them there is simply no point living.

Directed by Kurt wimmer

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