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May 27, 2006 | by  | in Music |
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Minuit – The Guards Themselves

The Guards Themselves is Minuit’s follow up to 2003’s The 88. Upon first listen, this album totally blew me away. It is, by far, a better album than their debut.

Minuit are a three-piece break beat/electronica group originating from Nelson, headed by Ruth Carr on vocals with Ryan Beehre and Paul Dodge behind the beats and sampling. Ruth Carr is often compared to Bjork and Beth Gibbons, and resemblances between title track ‘The Guards Themselves’ and Bjork’s ‘Army of Me’ are particularly noticeable.

The first single ‘Fuji’ gives a good indication of the overall sound Minuit are aiming for: the electrifying combination of deep bass, with aggressive-bordering-on-sinister sounding layered vocals, and lyrics go perfectly with the break-beat drums.

Compared to The 88, this album has a far rockier sound to it, which for a fair few tracks had me scanning the credits for evidence of a real drummer. The tight, authentic drum programming on this
album makes it seem more solid and accessible to a wider market, rather than being pigeonholed as mere dance music.

Key tracks from the grimy aggressive side of Minuit are ‘We’re all Scared, Professor’ and ‘Fake!’ (which actually does use a real drummer), both of which contrast well with the more melodic Minuit, exemplified by the tracks ‘Do Me In’ and ‘The Sum of Us’.

This is a well thought out and catchy as hell sophomore effort, and well worth picking up.

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