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July 24, 2006 | by  | in Online Only |
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Why I Don’t Socialise With Rosemary McLeod

Am I the only person in the world, aside from Tim Barnett, who thinks that Rosemary McLeod has cracked her nut?

Yes. There are gay people in Labour. And, yes, they probably want to improve rights for other people who are gay. Because that’s what representation is all about. Right?

Maybe it’s just gay people’s month on the minority-bashing calendar. After all, we’ve already had welfare “clusters” and Maori. Fair’s fair. Can we have loose-cannon columnists next? Or maybe embroiderers?

Oh, wait, that must mean I’m labelling her anti-gay. Whoops. How intolerant of me.

Also I can’t say I’ve recently been to a “gathering” where the hot topic was the sexuality of politicians. Sorry Rosie, I think most people got over that, like, in the 1980s. And who wants to think about politicians having sex?

Alright, rant over. In other news, I can confirm that James is a weaking who can’t even toss a midget more than two feet. Maybe his technique was wrong.

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Nicola Kean: feature writer, philanthropist, womanly woman. Nicola is the smallest member of the Salient team, but eats really large pieces of lasagne. Favourites include 80s music, the scent of fresh pine needles and long walks on the beach.

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  1. velma says:

    i concur, james is a weakling and a scoundrel. choooice!

  2. James how could you do midget tossing and not tell me. I am disappointed in you

  3. Not just you – Russell Brown jumped on your band-wagon today.

  4. Nicola Kean says:

    He did a lot better too.

  5. Joe Buchanan says:

    I haven’t been able to see Rosemary McLeod’s name without fuming since she wrote a arrogant column in the paper making a sneering attack on the funeral arrangements made by the family of Jeff Whittington after he was beaten to death in Wellington by a couple of bastards who decided Jeff was gay. She seems to have a bizarre lack of compassion to say the least.

  6. Kara Butler says:

    I think you have missed the point. The point is what are New Zealand’s priorities? Not having electricity and power for the country is more important to me than whether homosexuals can adopt a child. Sorry, that’s just the way it is. I think it is important that homosexuals have the same rights in adopting a child as heterosexuals or single people, but in terms of what is important for NZ right now, Labour has got it all wrong.

    Fix the damn power, sort out child abuse and family violence and then deal with other issues. I’m not saying gay rights are not important but there are more pressing issues.

  7. Nicola Kean says:

    That’s a completly valid point of view, but I would have to disagree with you. (Have a read of Keith’s analysis, which is much more substantial and better argued than mine:, The Government has many MPs, all of whom focus on different issues. I’m sure someone out there is trying to fix the power problems, and child abuse has become a well publicised issue after the Kahui twin’s deaths. Both of those are going to take a lot more than a bill to fix.

    I would also argue that it’s more of a case of media focus and beat up. What’s a more sensational front page story, infrastructure improvements or those dreadful gays being able to spread their sinful life style to children they’ve adopted.

  8. Nathan Matthews says:

    Wow… I was about to write about how Rosemary McCloud is total f**king mutt for her “review” of Jeff Whittington’s funeral (what the f**k were you doing there anyway, ROSEMARY??? Close personal friend were you??? NO. Keep your f**king nasty mouth shut, the world will be a whole lot better off), but I see Joe has already done it! Good on yaaaaaaaa……
    Go to hell Rosemary, you suck arse.

  9. kerm1e says:

    Interesting point from Kara Butler –
    Its a shame when putting your point across you cant apply your issues into your own personal life – as family violence, and child abuse starts with the intregrity of the person writing the issue.
    I believe the points you raised would hit home with you more than most on this ………
    I would suggest before you respond to articles and dribble shit – you get your own issues in order – especially when other peoples chioldren and ex-wifes are in the situation you have just cried foul off…..child abuse, and family violence.

    Do we have to say more – remember some of us know the truth and are watching…..

  10. Kit says:

    Rosemary McLeod is the worst person ever. When ever she writes anything it has next to no insight. She always manages to piss anyone with half a brain off. I really wish she would give up on writing opinion articles, it makes me feel so negative because half the people that read the crap she writes must actually like or believe it for her to still be writing

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