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October 16, 2006 | by  | in Music |
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The Final Word

I can’t believe any of you haven’t even sent Salient a letter complaining about my wilful obscurity. But I imagine you have been complaining to yourselves a little. “What the fuck is this?” “Who cares?” “Where’s the hip-hop?” “Where’s the electronica?” “Why didn’t they review the new (insert shit band)?” “Shut up about So So Modern already.” “This guy obviously doesn’t like (insert shit genre).” Why are there two music editors?”

“Sludge?”… oh well. Compared to every other student magazine, which were also pretty heavily coloured by the tastes of those involved and who chose to essentially review all the crappy promos they got sent, I think we came off rather well (read: pretentious). I won’t apologise for our rockist bias and an attempt to stay as local as we could without always resorting to NZ artists signed to majors. If you really give a crap, get involved, start a band, write reviews, go to fucking shows and throw your television out of the window. Buy a bigger stereo. Download music. Buy music. Make music. Fucking eat lightning and shit music.

Yeah, we all like music. But not everyone lets it into their lives, not everyone truly connects with it and makes it an intimate and important force in their lives. Not everyone loves it. Many of you reading this will probably only have bought a handful of albums this year, perhaps gone to one gig, most likely of a well-known band. That’s fine. I don’t think obsessive music nerd-hood is really that superior to enjoying pop music. What gets my fucking goat is people who claim to love music, but make no real effort to engage with it. People who live in a past they didn’t even experience, a generation who legitimately believe ‘it’s all been done before’. A lot of you will already have had your teenage tastes start to calcify and harden your ears, unable to get past whatever genre you hung your colours upon, or the ridiculously respected and facile alternative” explosion of our youth. You’ll crawl out of nostalgia only a few times a year as you get older, listening to whatever new radio fare resonates with your conservative and limited palette and complaining that “music sucks these days”. Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t think you’ve found the answer. Initiation never ends. Whatever, I’m preaching to the converted and the rest of you viagra cheap aren’t going to change.Forgive me one jaded outburst, I’ve been relentlessly positive all year.

Prove me wrong fuckers. I’ll be at Camp A LOW HUM Waitangi Weekend 2007 if anyone wants me. (Tickets on sale now!)

Thanks to: James for the opportunity. Bea for the fight. Chris for The Clash and resolving the image/integrity dichotomy in

my mind. Sam for leading me to reject the Canon and because you now hate Buckley all is well with the world. Svenda for sharing 3am with me. Dave for the brotherhood.

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