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October 2, 2006 | by  | in News |
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Someone, Please, Think of the Students!

VC and VUWSA combine powers to bring down bus prices.

In a rare show of solidarity, Vice- Chancellor Pat Walsh and VUWSA President Nick Kelly have joined forces in an attempt to reduce bus prices for students.

While the fares have increased by an average of 15% since the beginning of September, the price of a trip between the Kelburn and Pipitea campuses has increased by 50%.

Kelly and Walsh met last week with members of the Greater Wellington Regional Council in an attempt to persuade the Council to introduce a discount for students similar to that of College students.

“University students do not make the bulk of the business for Stagecoach and TranzMetro, it is the commuters that make it up,” Kelly says.

However, Kelly says the meeting was “bloody awful”, and that while Walsh was pushing for a discounted rate for students, the Council had “no strategy of how to include tertiary students” in the discounted age range. Kelly does acknowledge that there has been some progress in service delivery on student routes.

Metlink, the body that organises the public transportation for the Greater Wellington region, defends the price hike saying that increased petrol costs, inflation and a lack of price increases for the last six years all contribute to the need for raised prices.

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  1. Remind me what else didn’t increase in 6+ years Nick… :)

  2. Nick Kelly says:

    The point is that Wellington unlike many other centers doesn’t give Student discounts. Its silly as clearly the 10% of commuters that make up Greater Wellington’s public transport use today are teh future workers of tomorrow. Student discounts now could encourage regular usage of the service in the future (paying full fares). The current concession rates are for under 19s and over 65s, and I don’t think this is targeted well at all. Plenty of over 65s are in a position to pay full fares whereas many students over 19 are not.

  3. Nick, I absolutely agree with you on this. In addition to this being a welfare issue (students are poor) it should be a strategy of Greater Wellington’s to encourage use of public transport.

    Uni students in Auckland are entitled to 20% discounts when purchasing 10-trip tickets, and these can be purchased on campus. I’m completely appalled that Wellington doesn’t have a similar system in place, and I hope you’re using similar examples when going into bat for students on this issue.

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