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With all the jockeying that’s already going on for the US Presidential nomination for 2008 I decided to find out what was happening in terms of websites for next year’s big election.

The internet played a key role in the 2004 election when blogs came with top bloggers in attendance at both parties’ National conventions. The political scandal of the year was “Rathergate” when managed to sink the career of long time CBS anchorman Dan Rather, after picking up factual inaccuracies in a report he delivered about President Bush’s military record. Last year it was that helped sink Virigina Senator George Allen’s campaign after he labelled a rival campaign worker with the rare racial slur of Macaca, ( thus helping the Democrats to a one seat majority in the US Senate.

As the 2008 campaign hots up even before it has officially begun, Barack Obama – the black Democrat Senator from Illinois – clearly has the standout website.

It’s modelled on MySpace, even comple with a feature called Barack TV where updated video clips of the campaign is available for viewing. The cheesy slogan of ‘This Campaign Is About You’ puts the whole emphasis back on Barack’s supporters. You can sign up and receive a username that gives you full access to all the features such as networking with other campaign workers, fundraising, setting up Barack blogs planning and even hosting Barack rallys.

He probably won’t win, because he’s up against Billary, but his ever growing up popularity cultivated by his internet savvy just might be enough to help him get selected as the Vice Presidential candidate.

As a footnote, expect to see the National party rip off this website, as they did with the Taxathon TV commericals back in 2005.

Bookmarking our favourite websites can be a disorganised mess at the best of times so it’s a good thing that someone came up with a better way of doing it. The internet’s all about making money from ways to do simple things better, and is no exception.

With the whole so called Web2.0 phenomenon (think MySpace, youtube etc) it was only a matter of time when something as mundane and common as bookmarking websites would become an interactive and social experience. Rapidly spreading through word of mouth with everyone from housewives to tech geeks it’s even spawning an online community. This was confirmed when Yahoo! bought in 2005, adding it to its stable of email, chat rooms and various other homely boredom busters. There’s three key features of that make it interesting. Keeping links to everything on the net, sharing favourites with others like friends and family and the most popular one being discovering what everyone else is looking at on the net.

Of course it was predictable and only a matter of time, before the monolothic dinosaur that is Microsoft noticed what was happening and yet again ripped off someone else’s innovation. Their lame answer is Windows Live Favourites, and if they had actually designed Internet Explorer properly, they wouldn’t need to have another favourites folder option. Unfortunately we are going to have to get used to this as Microsoft stays way behind the 8 ball when compared to Google, Apple and Yahoo!

Scambusters I received this email the other day. “Hello Dear, It is my pleasure to contact you today after my prayers, for a business venture which I intend to establish in your country. Though I have not met with you before but I believe in God, My name is Kelly Griffis a citizen of Cote D’Ivoire.The only daughter of late Cisse Griffis a very wealthy cocoa merchant. My father was among the victims of the war that broke out in my country between the rebel group and the Army which resulted to many deaths. he died after five days in a private hospital…”

You probably have an idea of what this email goes on to say.

You may have been unfortunate enough to have received similar emails. The first thing to do is NEVER REPLY to emails from random places in Africa as you will never get rid of them. Secondly you might want to visit the website It’s an excellent website run by a community of trademe traders alerting everyone to the latest scams and what to do if you are sucked in. The key feature of this website are the forums which help you identify scams and safety tips to avoid them in future. Also if you are wary of untrustworthy trademe traders there is even a forum discussing bad traders user names included. To access the hardcore info on bad trademe users you will however have to register with the website. I’ve bought some lemons myself recently and wish I had known of this site beforehand…

Youtube Video Of The Week: Old Negro Space Program

Join Wallace ‘Suitcase’ Jefferson and ‘Loopy’ Louis Hayes as they parked their modified Cadillac Coup de Ville just East Of The Sea Of Tranquility on September 31st 1966 as part of the Old Negro Space Program

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  1. emo says:

    maoris are faggots and all of them deserve to die! fuck the fucking maoris!



  2. Alex says:

    I’d just like to point out Scambusters URL does not have the hyphen in it. The correct URL is

    Also visit my bebo group page if you don’t like the way TradeMe do business with their customers.

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