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The Onion

It’s been around since 1998, entertaining web browsers with its witty parodies of American and international news. But for those of you who are new students this year at Vic, then welcome to the Onion. Mixing truth and fictitious humour you will see headlines like ‘Hillary Clinton Tries to Woo Voters by Rescinding Candidacy’ and ‘McDonald’s Stock Slides as More Consumers Turn to Food’.

There is a ‘This Day in History’ section, with a real cracker the day I looked at it for this review – a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt with the caption ‘Our First Lesbian President’.

This is a website that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Try these articles:

  • In Focus: The Stock Market – Brash Young Floor Trader Trying to Rally Dow All by Self
  • Gated Community Adds Moat
  • Binge Eater Doesn’t Remember Going to Second KFC
  • Family Infighting Apparent in Funeral Guest Book
  • Man Who Plays Devil’s Advocate Really Just Wants to be Asshole
  • Martin Scorsese’s Next Film to be Three Hours of Begging for Oscar
  • Unreleased Jimmy Page Guitar Riff to be Retrieved From Secret Vault to Save Rock and Roll
  • Bush Commits One Additional Troop to Afghanistan


If you’re interested in wacky far out conspiracy theories you might want to ignore and just stick to the mainstream media. This site claims to be the most plagiarised and content used site on the internet. The accuracy of this claim is unknown but keeping in mind that the majority of websites are porn sites and other strange sites, then this may not be an exaggeration. One thing that’s probably plagiarised is the excellent political art available on the site.

The site is not only about the usual clichés of conspiracy theories like UFOs, Chemtrails, the Illuminati and Bigfoot. It has lots of political articles and features what appears to be a permanent section on some obscure hate speech prisoner in Germany named Ernst Zundel. One thing you will notice about this site when you compare it to the left wing political sites is that the heroes of those sites like Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore and Venuzelian President Hugo Chavez, are often under attack for being puppets of the so called ‘New World Order’ (which is the alleged coming Global Government Dictatorship).

A definite weakness of is the perception that everything in the world is part of a cover up, conspiracy or not to be trusted. This includes every news story and international event with little room for measured objectivity and too much speculation. But one of the trees they’ve been barking up for a long time now has the mainstream media sniffing around it too – the coming war with Iran. This has been covered by a long time, with details that the mainstream is only now beginning to speculate about. Seymore Hersh, of the New Yorker, recently wrote articles on US covert operations in Iran and speculation that tactical nuclear bunker buster bombs could be used in air strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities. These two threads of information were covered all last year by before many others picked up on them.

Znet –

An online staple for peace activists, Marxists and Noam Chomsky lovers, the Znet section of is an online resource run by Z magazine (Zmag) with most of their print articles featured on the site. If you are left wing you will love Znet – they have thousands of articles that you would expect from a top political activist portal. Ranging from the predictable stuff like Iraq, the environment, anti-globalisation and Noam Chomsky and Robert Fisk articles, to the more obscure political bandwagons like Tacoma Port militarisation.

A prominent feature of Znet is the ability for political groups to meet like minded souls. Znet likes to think of itself as a “continu- ous town meeting and intellectual and activist service centre for large sectors of the progressive community”.

It’s not just about networking either. Sourcing of articles from Znet by left wing magazines commonly occurs. Salient has had a love affair with Zmag in the past, in particlular in 1999 when there was a lot of cut and paste material from Znet throughout the year.

Other good features Znet boasts are lots of links, pen pals, user’s sites, forums, live chat and their affiliated online school ‘Learning On Line University’.

Youtube Video of the Week: Diet Coke + Mentos

See what happens when you mix Mentos sweets with Diet Coke. These two guys with too much time on their hands make a fountain…

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