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April 23, 2007 | by  | in Music |
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An album you should own if you don’t already according to Ruth from Minuit

So it’s actually Paul here, ‘cos I asked Ruth, what’s your favourite album ever? And she’s like,”I can’t answer that… it’s like saying what’s your favourite cell in your body.”

Okay, which is your favourite cell in your body? And she’s like, “they’re all important, I can’t say… if I do, the others might hear and revolt against it… hmm, maybe I’ll say my least fav cell…”


“What’s the question again?”

Your favourite album… no, an album that has been favourite to you…

“That’s heaps different to what’s your fav album ever… ” Yeah so what is it… Ruth? Ruth? ah jeez..

Where’s her iPod, I’ll just go through that… oh, she doesn’t have one… what kind of a musician…?? I’m sure I can probably make this up, she must have said it before… how many words is that so far… 133 – not counting the title… how about one of those albums you can play over and over again… like when you come home and you wanna hear music but you don’t wanna have to decide what mood you’re in… and you just put on a record that doesn’t f**k you off too much…

Postal Service every time… (Google album title…) Postal Service – Give Up. It was a side project from the Death Cab for Cutie singer and a guy called DNTEL doing the beats… both of their acts I’m not hugely into on their own, but the two together is the background of several summers… V. CUTE!

Not for everyone of course… what album is… but you can bang it on in the morning, in the evening, still works… in the car, over Xmas lunch… still works…

First listen is ‘WTF…’ but it’ll catch on… and so will your flatmates…

Man, when are they gonna do a new album…

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