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Pecking Order

Number of complaints of sexual assault made against both police officers and police associates from 1979 to 2005 in New Zealand : 370

Number of police officers involved in cases of police misconduct that are still serving in the force : 17

Number of weeks after the trial of Clint Rickards that the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards asked the Chief Censor to re-examine and ban porn video Big Boob Lesbian Cops II : 2

Number of hours Israeli soldiers in Ramallah broadcast pornography on seven Palestinian television stations in 2002 : 48

Number of incidences of torture on prime-time network TV shows from 2002 to 2005 : 624

Number on shows the previous seven years : 110

Estimated percentage of television static that derives from the Big Bang : 1

Number of African giant pouched rats that Belgian researchers have trained to sniff out explosives : 36

Number of wasps that a U.S engineering professor says he has trained to do this : 3,000

Seconds he says it takes to train each wasp : 30

State grant awarded a Missouri police department’s Youth Outreach Unit two years ago to battle Goth culture : $370,270

Amount the unit returned to the state in April after no Goth-influenced youth could be found to aid : $179,030

Average number of civilian policemen per every thousand square miles of Darfur, Sudan : 7

Percentage of New Zealand gross national index that is donated as development aid : 0.27

Number of years it will take to reach the 0.7 percent target advocated by Make Poverty History, at this rate : 43

Minimum number of yachts that were donated to U.S. charities in 2001 : 527

Average total cost for a U.S eighty-year-old to live out the rest of his or her days on a luxury cruise ship : $312,623

Average cost to live them out in an assisted-living facility : $309,338

Amount of New Zealand taxpayer contributions towards the America’s Cup 2007 : $30,000,000

Amount of New Zealand’s net worth that is owned by the richest 5 per cent and poorest 50 per cent (respectively) : 38, 5

Chance that a university student expects to be a millionaire by the age of 40 : 1 in 2

Ratio of the number of pardons George W. Bush has issued to turkeys to those he has issued human beings : 2:1

Days after Helen Clark met George Bush that she said he is a clever and smart man : 4

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