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The Euphemism Generator


This is a pretty comprehensive and simple site for coming up with interesting euphemisms. There’s nothing much to this very basically laid out site except endless fun and laughs as you constantly hit the ‘Reload’ button which is perfect for parties. A lot of the phrases spewed forth are lewd and full of innuendo but this site claims to have 259,921,200 unique phrases! It is impossible to get through all of the phrases here, but this site may give you the leverage you need to impress people at your next party, at the beach or on the bus…

Visit and try out these out for size:
• The last time I had this much fun, I was salting the Turkish bacon.
• The friendly men spent an enjoyable afternoon hot gluing the wife’s groovy statue.
• She seemed like a shy girl when they met, but a few drinks later they were skinning the stick.
• Shut the door! I’m pounding the yogurt!
• They found him naked in the alley behind the bar, soiling the limp area.
• Hey! Who’s been hammering the burrito?!

Arts & Letters Daily

Arts and Letters Daily is a leading intellectual web portal that was set up by an electronic discussion group called ‘Phil-Lit’ which was initiated by Denis Dutton from Los Angeles who is a professor of philosophy at the University of Canterbury. Since 1998 it has received more than 2.5 million views per month and features links to a diverse array of high quality news stories, features and arts reviews. With the motto ‘Veritas odit moras’, which is Latin for ‘Truth hates delay’, it is updated daily with an ever changing menu for intellectual nourishment .

The layout evokes the 18th century broadsheet format associated with The Enlightenment with three columns of links: articles of note, book reviews, and essays/opinions.

Each of the links is introduced with a 25-word witty and provocative teaser.
”’A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.” Josef Stalin was callous, but maybe somehow right…’
”Science does not follow a clear road to truth; better is the idea of a meandering river in flood and drought…”
”Oprah Winfrey? Compared to the whining, spoiled, conceited snots of the high-art literary world, she’s an exquisite, classy lady…”

If you are an intellectual then you must whet your appetite and visit the site that Wired called “A lusciously fat, slobbering intellectual’s site”.

Watch My Story

Watch My Story is a drama set in the flat of four 18 year olds and comes available in two minute clips courtesy of C4 and Gibson Group. The story line isn’t original and will no doubt feature more of that pretentious overacted Toi Whakari method of acting we usually get on our airwaves.

But what is original is the format it is delivered in, with each two minute episode broadcast directly to subscribers cellphones. You’ll need a video capable Third Generation cell phone (think those annoying Telecom ads with those thousands of idealistic kids marching down the street). Alternatively you can watch it five nights a week on C4 or come to this website to catch up with the characters written by a time constrained committee featuring names like Clare, Jed, Kat and Vina. You will also be able to find out what R8teen is all about and the mysterious Isaac (not to be confused with that freak cult leader in Children of the Corn).

I think this website is white hot and cutting edge in terms of the development of the New Media. It is not the TV show that is good here, from watching the online trailers it’s obvious that it will be really shit. Instead it is the actual medium that sparkles like diamonds, this is going to have huge implications for the future of television. It will be interesting to see where this new television concept can go, or whether television networks will continue losing the youth market to YouTube. A BIG thumbs up to the producers for carving new ground in media, even if the actual entertainment delivered is not exactly cutting edge.

Youtube Video of the Week:

How To Feed 100 Dogs at Once

Watch 100 pampered hounds at a French Chateau get fed at the same time.

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