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May 21, 2007 | by  | in Opinion |
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Social Networking Sites

We’ve got MySpace, why the hell do we need the rest of them?

Everyone has MySpace these days, so it makes sense that others have tried to cash in. Hence the many more ‘networking’ sites which have spewed forth on to the web.

The problem, though, is that most of these sites suck. We know not everyone likes MySpace, and it is a pretty shitty piece of crap that breaks down all the time, but despite all this, MySpace has undeniably got a formula that works. That Tom dude is pretty fucking clever.

Of the new MySpace wannabe sites, we decided the most annoying is Whoever thought that sending emails informing people they’ve been ‘tagged’ by their mates every five minutes was a good idea is delusional.

You have to click ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when you open the e-mail (see picture) and if you don’t, your friend ‘may think you said no L’ The power of the sad face almost compels you to want to click the damn thing. But please be warned, it will not stop there. Even if you click ‘no’, you’re still expected to register for this crappy website and join the person ‘and their friends’. WTF? If you’ve already clicked ‘no’ you obviously want to have nothing to do with this person and the horrible site, so why would you want to join them and their friends?

Getting to look at your tagged inbox is about as hard as it is to make it onto the dancefloor at Mighty Mighty on a Saturday night – incredibly difficult and slow. And, once you get there, it’s so crowded and its impossible to move that you just kinda stand there and flail your arms about hopelessly. It takes about three hours to load a page on this site. And it’s not as though you are downloading video or music files. All you are downloading is: “What is this? Why did you give this site my email?” messages from angry friends. This is particularly annoying if the site has uploaded your whole address book and emailed everyone on it, causing your tagged inbox to be inundated with angry comments from random acquaintances. Ugh.

We understand that we are coming across as finicky web geeks who are making stupid comparisons between bars and networking sites, but guess what? These sites are RUINING OUR LIVES. is just one example out of numerous networking, photo sharing, social websites that are trying so hard to be cool, meanwhile clogging up your inbox at the same time.

That includes you, MyVictoria. Yes. You are just as bad (if not worse) because you’re part of an educational institute which should know better, you don’t ever seem to work and you screw up university email. We hate you, too. These are the networking equivalents of the Kimberley Stewarts of the world: lame hangers-on copying the original in a bid for popularity, but just coming across as even more tack-o-rama than the original (Paris/Myspace…it’s a twisted route to this comparison).

Go to hell L.

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