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Archive for June, 2007

June 11, 2007

The New Zealand media disappoints me, and quite regularly makes me angry. More often than not, something written somewhere will have me choking with indignation on my Weetbix usually about once a week. But what convinced me that I would probably vote with my feet, as Don Brash might have put it, in the near […]

June 2, 2007

Women’s Rights Officer: Gabrielle Stewart Education Officer: Paul Danger Brown It was a very, very tight race between all of the candidates. Voting stats: WRO Candidates: Georgina Dickson 282 Gabrielle Stewart 319 Stephenie Williams 183 EO Candidates: Paul Danger Brown 397 Stephanie Stuteley 387 784 students voted – a huge number by VUWSA standards. In […]