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July 30, 2007 | by  | in News |
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EYE ON EXEC: Making water-cooler conversation

The VUWSA exec had some important decisions to make at their last meeting. The organisation seems to be at a crossroads. Some deliberation was taken and some serious investigation has been made into each potential outcome.

After all, choosing a water cooler is not something to be taken lightly. The exec and staff rejected the cheaper option as that had to be self-maintained which means doing all sorts of pesky things such as refilling it and, dare I say it, cleaning it.

Treasurer Alexander Neilson, a self-proclaimed expert on water coolers, said his suggested water cooler was “pretty damn good” and bragged about his extensive knowledge, announcing, “I did an assignment on water quality around Wellington!”

Despite his water cooler expertise, Education Vice President Joel Cosgrove asked for “more scientific discussion on the matter” before a decision.

The meeting, fortunately, was not all water cooler talk. Poor hungry student banter was in full swing.

The exec is inviting students to take part in their campaign for a universal student allowance by living in a box for a few hours. The Education Action Group and any creative students they can rally will create a ‘Box City’ to protest the cost of living as a student.

Campaigns Officer Tai Neilson encourages sleeping bags as “you can sleep in you box in you want.” Welfare Vice President Heleyni Pratley says the event is “really important because students should have enough money to live.” Pratley also mentioned that she is frequently visited by a large number of students who require food parcels to relieve the pain of rising living costs and expenses.

There is talk of the next exec meeting being held in Box City because, Pratley believes, “most students only hear about VUWSA through Eye On Exec.” Apparently that’s a problem.

Activities Officer Bernard-Bernard Galaxy was given a $650 bonus for his first trimester of work. Bonuses are given for working 10 hours a week, every week, but Cosgrove pointed out that there have been fewer activities going on around campus. The progress of Mount Street Bar was touched on with cries of outrage once when it was revealed they no longer served $2 Speights. “Oh god, no…NO!!” Pratley shrieked.

The upcoming Salient Gender issue was also discussed. Women’s Rights Officer Gabrie Stewart said “we are going to have to fight” for space in the issue, apparently concerned that the Women’s Group wouldn’t be given many pages – despite only a small amount of brainstorming and no page allocation having yet taken place.

The exec played nice this week. Apart from some lengthy water cooler discussion it seems progress is being made – it seems last week’s thoughts on brand image are being instituted.

Will it continue? I am cautiously hopeful.

(Opinion by Jenna Powell)

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