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March 31, 2008 | by  | in Online Only |
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A Step Backwards

Alas, 1st April shall go down as a step backwards in New Zealand drug reform.

Party Pills from tomorrow become illegal. Jim Anderton’s ‘well’ intentioned Act will likely put more young people at risk, endangering our youth.

I hope one day we will approach drug laws with common sense and sound policy.

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  1. The funniest off-shoot of the legislation was the plethora of $1 pills today.

    Prediction: Within the next few months, all the E in NZ will become MDMA cut with BZP rather than with meth.

  2. peteremcc says:

    $1 party pills, brought to you by ACT on Campus:

  3. Sigh says:

    Is Hugh payed a wage for his ‘reporting’?

  4. No. Neither are Jackson or Conrad. Basically our website content is paid for in biscuits. We’re like those mine-owners who paid their workers in vouchers which could only be redeemed for overpriced goods in our own stores.

  5. Those were the days. /reminisces

  6. Von Hayek says:

    The argument that people will turn from BZP to harder drugs is a hack myth promoted by libertarians. People used BZP becuase it was a legal and (relatively) safe way of having a good time. The change in the drug’s legal status means this is no longer possible in an above board manner. However, I fail to see how removing this particular avenue of hedonism will further ‘endanger our youth’. This type of ‘slippery slope’ argument is weak and has little philosphical weight. Surely most BZP users will either purchase the new line of party pills or give up the habit. If one were inclined to take class A drugs, which I think this ‘piece’ is implying, the legality of BZP is surely irrelevant – you would take it either way. It is not a case of being ‘in for a lion as for a lamb’ as harder drugs carry far more significant penalties both legally and in the harm inflicted on the user.

    What is being promoted here is not a defence of our youth, but a libertarian propagting his ideology. So Hugh, please don’t pretend you care for the poor BZP users who will now be forced into crystal meth, we all know the only thing you really care for is your delicious freedom.

  7. Jackson Wood says:

    For once I agree with a Hayek, just because I can buy caffeine legally, does not mean I am going to go buy nicotine legally, and then when that hit doesn’t do enough for me, I will go out and buy marijuana, and then E, then cocaine, and then heroin. Which is why I am currently smoking P and writing 4000 words an hour, grinding my teeth and pulling maggots from my flesh.

    peteremcc – does it worry you that the ACT on Campus website was in breach of the new law for selling party pills, as of 12:08am the day they became illegal? (there is a screenshot proving this floating about).

    Sigh – Hugh is not paid a wage, which is why he blogs so little, no economic incentive. Me and Conrad, as the raging Bolsheviks and moderate leftists we are respectively, blog and put an effort into this magazine because it helps eschew our consciences for being capitalist whores.

    Tristan – Biscuits are not enough anymore. I WANT FLESH AND MONEY!

  8. I just want money.


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