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March 3, 2008 | by  | in News |
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Bjork was Raging

The reception of Björk at Big Day Out was, let’s be blunt here, one of contempt, frustration, and I’d even go so far as to say hatred by the majority of the crowd. Her style was vehemently labeled a “ridiculous and %^$^%#* choice to open for the political, testosterone charged Rage Against the Machine.

Reviewers said her music was not main stage material and did not provide enough mass appeal…I mean Björk only had a sneaky Grammy nomination in 2005 for Best Female Pop(ular music) Vocal Performance, no big deal!

When you analyze her music the deep euphoric bass should have been plenty of stimulation for the muscles needed to rock out to Rage, especially her last song. Also, the side show of the Lords of Lighting and Björk’s elaborate costumes would have tickled the senses of the many, many freaks on disco treats in the crowd.

I recall one pushy tattoo-sporting patron declaring repeatedly, “this is so not Rage, man!” Well what is Rage if not a message of accepting cultures – “she’s not even singing in f*$#ing English” (Oh and FYI she actually was :p). I think Rage themselves would have been rather anti the crowd’s reaction. How terrible does our country look that we Boo internationally acclaimed artists?! I would have thought her paparazzi hating antics would have given her kudos with Rage fans because of her violence and dislike of the system.

Even for those who did not enjoy/loathed the set, you cannot deny that Björk was the perfect opener! She fueled the emotions every Rage fan needs to obtain that ‘grr’ factor. The anger, frustration, and freakish sense of unified fury at an ‘evil’ force, made conditions optimal for sticking it to the man. I think you should all say “thanks Björk” for her contribution to your Rage experience!

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