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Buy Kiwi Made

What protection teaches us, is to do to ourselves in time of peace what enemies seek to do to us in time of war.”- Henry George

It is amazing that such basic economic truths can be forgotten. Click here to read an open letter to Oliver Driver on his involvement with the “Buy Kiwi Made” campaign. Courtesy of Stephen Whittington.

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  1. Jackson Wood says:

    heh… very good Mr. Whittington :D

  2. Robert says:

    But Hugh, Oliver Driver also does the voice-over for The Warehouse ads. Surely this makes him at least neutral on the matter of global trade.

  3. Tess says:

    Although it is a well written letter, it is a sad time indeed when actors have to consider their political view point for every job they do.

    I agree that exports and imports go hand in hand to make for a better economy all around, however I think that the big thing that seems to have been forgotten is that there is a lot of everyday product that is not made in New Zealand and we are already relying on imports for these things so does promoting New Zealand made really create any danger for losing any possible export or import business?

    Also did you know that a lot of the manufacturers in New Zealand import some parts to help make their final product? So by purchasing New Zealand made we are also supporting global trading

    Now if we don’t Buy NZ Made or are not aware of the products that are made here we will lose our manufacturers and along with it a part or our export business.
    The majority of our manufacturers are small and need the support of this countries purchases in order to help them while they establish their own world wide business. I realise that a few dollars for one small business is nothing compared to the Dairy industry but what about thousands of small businesses surely this helps?

    Lets look at it another way. The thoughts and comments here appear to be absolute i.e. they look at the Buy Kiwi Made campaign as everyone must buy everything made In New Zealand and never buy imported products.

    This of course is not true and would actually be quite impossible. Prior the campaign starting the majority of the general public was unaware that New Zealand still had any sort of manufacturing base. Surprise surprise we do and if they are to survive then they need to sell their products.

    If consumers stop purchasing NZ Made – Manufacturers will close and people will lose their jobs. Also when one manufacturer closes if large enough, quite often their New Zealand based suppliers will close too.

    Perhaps we should move right out of manufacturing and go into something else? Look at Ireland they did – but they are a lot closer to the rest of the world and do we really want to lose such a large skill base when we are so remote?

    Lastly, the Government campaign. It is not against Global Trade, it has not said “don’t buy imported product” it has just said “Buy NZ Made” which as mentioned above still supports Global Trading while providing just a few jobs – sounds like a win win to me.

  4. Stephen Whittington says:

    Manufacturers will close, and labour will be freed up for other industry.

    The world has infinite demand for work – we all want things – but limited supply of labour and capital. The question is not how to make work, but how to best use the labour we have. The best way to do that is to concentrate at the things we are good at – our comparative advantage.

    The point is that, if the campaign succeeds at all, it makes someone choose a domestically made product ast the exoense of one made offshore. If this is unrelated to price or quality, we are sending very bad price signals.

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