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Games Reviews – Poker Websites

FullTilt –

The best/most popular poker site on the internet. It has the highest proportion of MILF poker professionals in its team and also includes great poker players like Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow, Gus Hansen and Erik Seidel.

The only prick in their team is Phil Gordon. It has the simplest set out, with clear indications of real and play money games and good filters to find the games you want. If you want to have an experimentation session, you can leave those No-Limit Hold-Em cash games and join a game of 7- Card Stud Hi-Lo. It has a fine selection of Sit-N-Goes at all limits and some decent play as well.

Final word: Go for it

PokerStars –

The main draw card of this poker program is the sexy Canadian Daniel Negreanu, ‘05 WSOP Main Event Winner Joe Hachem and burnt out tennis star Boris Becker. The only player out of that list who isn’t shit is Daniel Negreanu, even if he has a fucking annoying voice. The graphics are fairly poor and the layout of the program is confusing. What is with the influx of fucking old professional sportsmen becoming ‘professional’ poker players? Shane Warne is a leg spinner, not a tight-aggressive player with perceptive post-flop skill.

Final word: Hit it up if you liked Boris Becker’s backhand.

PokerRoom –

This is the first poker site I ever travelled to and has decent graphics with relatively good play. Also heads up percentages are a great feature, for all you statistical buffs. Can also serve as a wakeup call for people who say “Hold up for me one time” when they have pocket Aces; turns out your odds are normally better than 9-1. The main issue is that not many people play it.

Final word: Hit that shit up


Faintly cool idea of using 3D models in order to get the feel of a real poker room. However the emphasis is less on the poker itself and more on the endless array of facial and bodily gestures you can make to your offended/scared opponents, such as the classic “chicken dance”. The interface also doesn’t show your hand, you have to check it constantly. This becomes insufferable after a while, especially if you are playing a game of Omaha.

Final word: Play in a live game instead of wasting 1GB and a Saturday night downloading it.

Salient does not condone gambling in any way shape or form, unless the blinds are over $100. Then you’re talking real money. Hey, we are just saving you time

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