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April 7, 2008 | by  | in News |
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Eye on Exec

As soon as I sat down at this week’s VUWSA Exec meeting, I was warned that it would be a long one. Sigh. The lack of alcohol and the absence of Welfare Vice-President Melissa Barnard further dashed my hopes of a mildly interesting Exec meeting.

After the announcement that pizza would be 45 minutes away, the meeting commenced in a somewhat disorderly fashion, as two Exec members failed to locate last week’s minutes, along with some other slightly important pieces of paper (they’d “gone on a walkabout”).

With the usual formalities completed, the meeting moved straight into committee to discuss some stuff that, due to the rules, Salient isn’t allowed to write about.

After an hour’s worth of boredom, raised voices, pizza, multiple people talking at once and unartistic scribbles, committee was over and I had to start paying attention again, or at least pretend to.

Up for discussion was excessive internet usage, which appears to be Salient’s fault, as someone is reportedly streaming radio in the office.

In other news, moves towards making the election of Faculty delegates a more transparent process are underway. Education Vice-President Paul Brown announced that a working party would investigate the possibility of their inclusion as part of the VUWSA elections, and the resulting constitutional issues surrounding this. Environment Officer Mark Newton was asked if he wanted in on the working party. His quick-fire response: “No.” Brown just thought he should ask and check.

In a minor victory for Newton, the Exec passed a motion to support and endorse all printers at Victoria having double-sided printing as the default setting. This is going to save lots of paper – not to mention trees – and Newton even had some impressive statistics (that I forgot to note down) to back up his claims.

President Joel Cosgrove informed the Exec that Ian McKinnon, an important Wellington City Councillor, has invited VUWSA to make a presentation at a Council meeting. While some not-so-nice things were said about Mr McKinnon, the presentation is an opportunity for VUWSA to gain some support and “vague goodwill” from the Council. Most importantly there’s free food and drinks, and even Salient is invited to join in the Council meeting fun.

With people swinging on their chairs and paying more attention to their cellphones, the meeting finally came to its long-awaited conclusion. Next week, Cosgrove has promised hummus and bread, instead of pizza, as apparently it’ll help everyone think better.

The honour of this week’s last word goes to Paul Brown, who announced at the meeting’s end that unsurprisingly, “There’s nothing like a VUWSA Exec meeting to sober you up.” I can’t wait for next week.

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Exec Finance Update
By Salient

Magic recurring number fun

During the committee stages of last week’s meeting, a motion was unanimously passed to pay $22,222.22 (excluding GST) for the recent upgrade to the VUWSA van. The oncey tattered old white van in serious need of panel beating, is now a sleek black van with tinted windows and a sweet sound system.

The van’s upgrade has been a contentious issue as it was not unanimously approved when made by last year’s exec at the end of their tenure. The members of the current exec have taken the line that they disapprove of last year’s exec’s action, but will not pursue the issue further.

At least it makes Salient pretty flash when we deliver our mag around town.

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