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April 14, 2008 | by  | in Online Only |
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Holiday Open Thread

Because I am headed off for the holidays and will only be able to check this sporadically you guys can make the fun for your selves.

Here are 5 topics you can post about:

  • – How shit mine and Conrads reporting is (just for you matt. It hasn’t been pulled, just in the process of being re-written).
  • – Compulsory third party insurance for all drivers? Socialist intervention into your life or good idea (if you own stocks in an insurance company)
  • – John Key. Will he flip flop on state assets?
  • – Hillary Clinton skulling beer and knocking back a whisky  shot to prove she’s not ‘elite’, and Obama’s bitterness.
  • – Your favourite (non pornographic) blog site.

Please no rambling replies, 200 words max, try and keep on topics provided. No personal attacks (unless its against me), cyber bullying, link bombing or posting pictures of donkeys.

Also if you have any ideas about what you want to see on the Politics pages next term drop me an email.

Merry holidays!

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  1. Jackson Wood says:

    Do you guys not know what an “open thread” is? Or did I just pick shitty topics?

  2. peteremcc says:

    It’s not much of an open thread when you suggest topics.
    Plus, everyone is away on holiday/

  3. Jackson Wood says:

    It is open, because the topics are wide. Oh yeah holidays. I just can’t give up this internet addiction and while I’m on holiday I need the bandwidthy goodness.

  4. Weeell… I dig third party insurance: if you fuck someone over you pay for it. Actually it’s more a user-pays system (ie the user pays for fucking others over) than socialism. The problem is, what sort of minimal plan do you set as the requirement? And should the compulsory thing mean the govt needs to create a state-owned minimal-third-party provider (KiwiInsurance?) for people who resent being forced by the state into giving money to a private corporation?

  5. This one time, My mother urged me to get 3rd party insurance. I told her that $300/year (or however much insurance costs), was /way/ too expensive for my student life-style. Besides, car crashes don’t /actually/ happen…

    2 weeks later I drove my van into the back of a parked Mercedes, pushing it into the back of… another parked Mercedes. :-|

    So now I owe an extra $22,000, on top of my crippling student loan. Yussssssss!

    I WISH 3rd party insurance was compulsory.

    Or, failing that, I think there should be a law against parking your mercedes behind/in front of another mercedes.

  6. Nic says:

    Thoughts on potential fallout/embarrassment for the average student?

  7. Kerry says:

    for all the pizza-and-beer fans out there…

    a change from my usual sponsorship of Indymedia!

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