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April 4, 2008 | by  | in Online Only |
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Obama V. Osama

A pictorial investigantion as to whether Republican claims are true.

Is Barak Obama really Osama Bin Laden?

Recently republicans discovered that the presidential candidate’s name sounded suspiciously similar to that of the USA’s number one enemy. “OH MY LORD,” someone in Republican head quaters said, “He’s been under our noses this whole time!”

Some one from CNN got them mixed up too, which is not a hard mistake to make I guess, I mean they both have dark skin, and plot to take over the USA.

Both want America to stop the war.
binladen-hand-up.jpg barak-hand-up.jpg

Both have a strong belief in God/Allah up in Heaven/Jannah.
bin-laden-finger-up.jpg barak-finger-up.jpg

Both like sitting in non-descipt places to conduct media relations.
osama-cave.jpg barak-cave.bmp

Both have a passion for AK-47’s.
oc7osamatvgun.jpg barak-gun.JPG

Both men inspire devotion from their followers.
obabma-peeps.jpg bin-laden-on-a-sign.jpg

After all, Obama is one crazy dude!

This question remains open to you, the reader. Is Obama really Osama? Or is it some cunning ploy by the Republicans to trick America into thinking because his name sounds similar to a terrorists, that he is one.

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  1. sebmund says:

    No. You’ve got it the wrong way aroung. Obama is not really Osama, Osama is really Obama. It turns out that the CIA sent Obama into Afghanistan to rouse support as a Jihad leader as a boy in the mid 1970’s. From there, he would orchestrate 9/11 and justify the US led invasion into Afghanistan to plunder their then booming rug industry. Contact was too risky, so the CIA remained distant from the operation.

    Little did Osama know, that the price of rugs dropped dramatically in the 1980’s, 90’s and 00’s as oil became a much more viable fuel for industrialization and transportation. So unfortunately, the USA ended up fabricating a war for a now worthless comodity and clumsily linking it Iraq in order to acquire control of the now far more valuable comodity of oil. Osama, fearing for his life as the scapegoat for evil, fled Afghanistan, scored some fake passports and documents, had a shave, got a trendy haircut and reentered the USA, killed a senator of the same name and appearance and climbed the ranks of the Democrat party to Presidential candidate (if things go his way).


  2. Sarita says:

    Hahah! Bravo.

    Seriously though, I’ve noticed a trend in Salient – of finding pictures of people/monkeys that look like other people/monkeys, and/or of monkeys in general.

    On one hand, one thinks of applauding such amazing powers of observation.
    But then again, it makes me wonder if you all just spend your days sitting around and googling monkeys…

  3. CLB says:


  4. Jackson Wood says:

    Why the fuck are you commenting so late on a friday night/saturday morning! Gee whiz!

  5. Guyphenator says:

    I heard that Adolf Hitler made liaisons with the Roswell aliens and made a flying carpet that could go mach 7, faster than it’s own sidewinder air-to-air missiles. That, and the opium trade, is why the yanks are really in Afghanistan, where the hyper-offensive ten-year-old Khalid comes from.


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