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April 2, 2008 | by  | in Online Only |
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Zimbabwe. Land of the free

Today marks a small step in the eventual collapse of totalitarian power in Zimbabwe. The West raises up its hands in joy! We bought about change, by not doing anything, it is a victory for Fukiyama’s End of History theory. Liberal Democracy has triumphed over fascist dictatorship once again.

Morgan Tsvangirai is poised to become the first President of Zimbabwe in 21 years, that is not Rob Mugabe. Tsvangirai is a campaigner from way back, he has had to hit the mattresses time and time again protesting Mugabe’s rule. He has been arrested multiple times, beaten almost to death.

Yet, the governments of the west stood by, and by default that means we also stood by and watched the violence, the destruction, and the regression of Zimbabwe into a hell hole. Sure we slapped sanctions on them, sure Winston Peters called for Tsvangirai and supporters to be set free. Tony Blair said: “People should be able to live under the rule of law. They should be able to express their political views without harassment or intimidation or violence. And what is happening in Zimbabwe is truly tragic.”

Let us paint a picture of Zimbabwe: 100,000% inflation, one of the largest HIV/AIDs epidemics in the world, constant shortages of food, water, resources, rampant deforestation has lead to erosion or arable land, life expectancy is no older than 34. The military terrorizes those who express views that run against the grain of Mugabe,  and the opposition including Tsvangirai have had to go into hiding, while Mugabe rigs the election again.

Where was the affirmative action from our governments? When dealing with a dictator like Mugabe, it became obvious very quickly that sanctions would not work. The fervour with which he consolidated his power was an indication that he didn’t give a rats ass about the people, only if he could provide enough whisky and food to the troops to entrench him in Harare.

Governments around the world should be flocking to help Tsvangirai assume the power he may have one. When have Westphalian ideals every really had anything to do with international relations, we should be helping oust this despicable man, just like we have helped oust other despicable regimes.

Only when we extend our hand and help the population of of this hell hole up, will Zimbabwe become a land of the free.

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  1. Chris says:

    Tristan – sounds good – what do you propose we do exactly?

  2. Jackson Wood says:

    Chris – did you mean Jackson?
    Instead of excluding them with sanctions (the stick), why not include them with privileges. Zimbabwe has resources that the western world would love to pillage and use, why not entice them (the carrot), so that can change.

  3. Chris says:

    Sorry, yeah.

    Odd. Sanctions/privileges are really just the same thing. Sophistry.

    Shame. I thought you were gonna call for an invasion.

  4. Jackson Wood says:

    Yes you are right, they are similar. But priviliages have the positive effect of making countries that offer them look good.
    Wait for the issue that comes out on Monday if you want invasions. We have two of them happening!

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