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May 12, 2008 | by  | in Games |
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Games: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Vegas 2

Game: Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six:Vegas 2
Platform: Xbox 360, PC
Genre: Tactical Shooter
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Publisher: THQ

I’ve always looked sadly upon the Rainbow Six series. What a run its hard. From the glory days of its first instalments, Rainbow Six, Rouge Spear, and Raven Shield, it has completely and utterly fallen from grace. I am saddened. I still consider Raven Shield to be the pinnacle of tactical shooters, and the greatest example of SWAT realism ever presented to the LCD screen. Vegas 2 is not even shadow of the series former glory.

Ever since Lockdown, the Rainbow Six franchise has turned ‘blockbuster’. Rainbow Six Vegas scrapped the pure strategic planning and tactical side of the franchise, and instead replaced it with constantly re-spawning drones, small co-op team sizes and a cartoony feel to the whole series, sacrificing intense realism and action (in the old series, one hit and you were dead instantly) with a generic action shooter. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is more of the same. Its as if someone took the basics from Call of Duty, SWAT 4, and Soldier of Fortune – stuck them in a tumble drier with a packet of glitter, and liberal amounts of poor level design and tried to market the final result. What a disgrace.


There are some saving graces to the game. Breaching into rooms from rappel ropes on the outside of buildings is wicked. The extent of the weapons available is also pretty good. But that’s it really. Cool cosmetic features that look pretty. Mutton dressed as lamb. Ew yuck.

The artificial intelligence is impossibly retarded. The game design tries to give the impression that its not trigger based and linear – but it fails horribly. The textures on characters and weapons don’t load instantly when your save game does. The story line is incomprehensible and presented poorly. The enemy animations are generic, and dead bodies don’t stay lying around when you shoot someone. Why they don’t is beyond me. Corpses strewn around a bullet ridden, and grenade destroyed, reception area seems to be par for the course when it comes to these formulaic action games.

To try and add a bit of flair, the more enemies you kill in specific ways grants you points to unlock special items. This is completely pointless. There is no strategic imperative to wearing Technicolor camouflage on your newly unlocked German Kevlar combat helmet.

If you have time to waste, and the patience to wade through hours of formulaic, but pretty looking gameplay, you might as well get this game. It’s not necessarily bad. But there has been so much better before, and it’s depressing to watch the Rainbow Six series milk itself to death.

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