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May 19, 2008 | by  | in Opinion |
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An open letter to (Expletive Deleted) people


[EXPLETIVE DELETED] you. I’m sick and tired of you and your [EXPLETIVE DELETED] [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. Seriously. New Zealand is a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] infuriating place. We hide behind this [EXPLETIVE DELETED] multi-ethnic, multi-cultural façade, yet some old [EXPLETIVE DELETED] diddlehead in Auckland kicks up a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] when a Hindu paints a religious symbol on their roof.

The svástika was first used in Asia for [EXPLETIVE DELETED] sakes! It predates Christianity and was found at Troy, many societies that figured out how to weave baskets used it. Buddhism spread the symbol as a religious symbol all the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] over Asia, adopted by Hindus and many other religions it was raped by the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] Nazi’s and that [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. For those of you who don’t know, in Hinduism it represents the god Brahma, evolution and involution. It is a balancing symbol like the yin yang. In Buddhism it is a symbol of universal harmony. What is wrong about this? In fact I salute the swastika as a symbol of peace and harmony. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] you honkies whose brains are so [EXPLETIVE DELETED] small you cannot

Ambrish Gupta, of Mt. Roskill did it to express his religion, which last time I checked the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] Human Rights Act (1993), was fine, legal, and above all ensures that he should not be persecuted for his beliefs. Especially because [EXPLETIVE DELETED] people are harassing him because they are [EXPLETIVE DELETED] ignorant, whitebread chicken-[EXPLETIVE DELETED] mother [EXPLETIVE DELETED]s. Obviously Mr. Gupta is not a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] racist for [EXPLETIVE DELETED]s sake! He didn’t paint it on his roof to proclaim his hatred of Jews, gypsies and homos. If we’re going to go by the same [EXPLETIVE DELETED] yard stick we should have to remove all crucifixes, crescents and Stars of David from public visage. Also stop saying the prayer in parliament which is not only anti- Catholic, but excludes all other [EXPLETIVE DELETED] religions.

Ever wondered why Christchurch is so [EXPLETIVE DELETED] racist? Probably has something to do with all the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] swastikas in the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] cathedral. [EXPLETIVE DELETED] [EXPLETIVE DELETED] sticks wander in there and think that God is telling them to [EXPLETIVE DELETED] well go out and kick some [EXPLETIVE DELETED] heads in.

Some people have said: “A good piece of advice that never goes amiss; When in Rome do as Rome does. Or in this case, Mt Roskill. And I don’t think that includes painting large swastikas on your roof – regardless of what it might mean in other cultures.” The ‘when in Rome’ argument is totally [EXPLETIVE DELETED] stupid in this case you [EXPLETIVE DELETED] idiots. I would like to think that New Zealand has [EXPLETIVE DELETED] moved on since Roman times, what with the sodomy, orgies and tortoise formations. Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, you mother [EXPLETIVE DELETED]s. The only connection between Rome and New Zealand that I can see in this [EXPLETIVE DELETED] idea is that we’re intolerant, and instead of throwing minorities to lions, we’re just [EXPLETIVE DELETED]ing [EXPLETIVE DELETED]s to them.

New Zealand. Land of the long culturally ignorant miasmal mist. [EXPLETIVE DELETED].



Week on the Blogs

T’was a sad week for the blog. Neither of the bloggers put much effort in to writing anything and instead got caught up in the wonders of life.

Jackson shared a funny headline from a Kentucky news paper about Clinton. Conrad wrote how she is a self indulgent bitch and how the Italians are all racist cunts.

Comment of the week

Jackson Wood on Hillary Rodham Clinton “Hey Kerry, Fuck you.”

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