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May 26, 2008 | by  | in Opinion |
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Lindsey Perigo had the right idea

Dear Marxist, Enviro-fascists, Anarchists and all others who are destroying our nation, why do you hate our freedom? Why do you hate the New Zealand family? Why do you all have stupid beards? (feminist included).

Karl Marx died of a combination of the syph and cancerous ideologies one hundred years ago. He preached the destruction of economy, technology and wished to force all of humanity back into the caves from where we came six thousand years ago (no earlier you athio-fascists). He wanted to bring in a new world order of repression and smelly Marxo-fascism. He hated freedom, and yet you foolish Marxists worship him as a deity? you fucking philistines.

The Enviro-fascist agenda is baffling to say the least. You can’t make globalisation without globe, so why would the Multinational corporations be out to hurt? They ARE us. If you put the bong down for more than a minute you would see that the pinkos telling you these lies about the ‘Corporations’ are just liberal hacks, spreading slander to the young and naïve about honest companies. The free market regulates itself, and the oceans are too vast for any minuscule spill to matter. They use global warming (cough HOAX cough) to distract honest hardworking taxpayers (they‘re all dole bludgers and phoney sickness beneficiaries) from the REAL issues like the crumbling foundations of our society and to quote the effervescent Lindsey Perigo, the rising “types of dictatorship are destroying the world-the traditional, overtly totalitarian type (Islamofascism, communism)”.

Anarchism is not an ideology, it’s a cult. The hypocrisy of demanding an end to the rule of law and replacing it with mob rule is offensive to those who have given their tax dollars and lives to this nation. Anarcho-fascist spit on the flag and are not better than the terrorists, in my opinion they ARE terrorists. The ridiculous nature of their ideology would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. Anarchism ___ be the destruction the society and would lead to the demise of everything we as a rational society hold dear.

You foolish children will be beaten out of your o-fascist ways when you grow up, have a mortgage and are forced to embrace your social responsibilities (like maintaining a respectable level of hygiene). To again quote the great book of Perigo, “Airheadedness is everywhere”.

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