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May 26, 2008 | by  | in Film |
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Film Review: Revenge Of The Nerds (1985)

Directed by Jeff Kanew

The basic premise of Revenge of the Nerds is that Louis Skolnick (Robert Carradine) and Gillbert Lowell (Anthony Edwards) are fairly hardcore nerds. In their first year at Adams College; a school where the Grid Iron team reigns supreme and nerds are treated much like Jews were Nazi Germany (short of the whole genocide thing). The first years get kicked out of their hostel by the Jocks and are forced to join fraternities. However a small group of nerds and other outcasts are refused from every fraternity on campus, leading them to start their own fraternity. Standard ‘College Film’ shenanigans follow.

This film gets off to a bad start with the terrible choice of theme song that is a poor example of 80’s synth-pop. The poor music continues throughout and even can’t be saved by a Talking Heads-esque song somewhere in the middle. The attitude shown towards the nerds is incredibly over-the-top and at times cringe worthy, leaving the viewer wondering whether the writers really thought that nerds were treated in that manner or the whole thing is one drawn-out joke about the way Hollywood portrays nerdy characters.

However what is appealing about the film is the characters, not the stereotyped ‘nerd’ main characters but the supporting ones such as the crazed Grid Iron player Ogre (Donald Gibb). Black homosexual Lamar Latrell (Larry B. Scott) and nosepicker Dudley ‘Booger’ Dawson (Curtis Armstrong) draw the attention away from the main characters and produce genuinely funny moments and make the film watch-able.

Overall the film isn’t particularly good but whether intentionally or not it pokes fun at Hollywood stereotypes and the supporting characters make the film at times entertaining and not a bad watch. Like most films in the ‘College’ genre its an ideal film for a 90-minute session of escapism from your exam revision or watch while drunk and/or high.

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  1. James Malthus says:

    “Black homosexual Lamar Latrell” – I just realised how racist that comes across as, sorry!

  2. Nick Archer says:

    Ha ha! Yeah Revenge of the Nerds was great, I LOVE it how in American Splendor the nerdy work mate is obsessed with this movie and thinks it is a revolutionary cry out to all the nerds and Peckar as usual tries to rain on his parade…


  3. James Malthus says:

    I’d reccomend watching the sequels as well just to get a picture of how terrible (yet awesome) a movie franchise can become.

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