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July 14, 2008 | by  | in Online Only |
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A Master at Work

Below the jump is a link to extended TV3 footage of Winston Peters denying allegations of any donor relationship with Owen Glen. Theres some great politicking and media dodging here. Winston is surely a master of the soundbite and of dealing to the media scrum.

Have a watch, some choice quotes are:

“Lets have some accountability here”

“You people are starting on a rats bum story”

“The Granny Herald!”

 “Slothful, gutter Journalism”

“Audrey Young is a lier, she can sue me”

Oh, its just such glorious stuff. On the issue at hand though, do you – fine readers, think Winston is on to something with his creative interpretation of Glen’s double question mark in the email excerpts? Could Glen be asking a sardonic question? Not admitting a donation? Or is old Winnie telling porkies. You decide.

Check out that old cad’s skillful mastery right over here yo’

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  1. Jackson Wood says:

    Wow this is like all of Steven Price’s six tips on how to block awkward questions:

  2. Director says:

    heh! Winstons been swotting!

  3. Naly D says:

    You should have heard his interview with Holmes yesterday morning.
    First, he began by saying he hadn’t seen the emails so they were therefore fake, then moved on to saying he will publish his accounts for all to see, then said it would be ‘impossible’ for anybody to alter his books so any donation did not show up, then called for the editor and reporter at the Herald to apologise and resign. Holmes then repeated his original question (20 minutes since the interview began) only to be accused of ‘sliding off the issue’ by Peters.

    I was lol’ing.

  4. Naly D says:

    Oh and it’s Owen Glenn.

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