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July 7, 2008 | by  | in Opinion |
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Dude, what’s with rivers?

Okay, so there’s water right. From the rain. And it comes down, and lands in the soil. And then there’s gravity, and it makes it flow downstream to the ocean. Sweet. That makes sense.

BUT. Gravity is pretty strong and shit. Like, if you drop something, it falls pretty quickly. So why does the water in the ground not fall into the ocean faster? There’s a storm. That’s cool. And the river gets bigger, because there’s more water in the ground, and it has to get to the ocean. But then, THREE WEEKS LATER, (here’s one I prepared earlier, see image) the river is still there. Granted, there’s less of it now, but, like, the water is still in the ground. After three weeks. THREE WEEKS.

So my real complaint: After a storm, all the water should flow straight to the ocean in a massive deluge. And then it would be all gone. And the river would be dry. But, for some reason it doesn’t. That’s weird.

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