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August 4, 2008 | by  | in Film |
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High and Homoerotic in The Dark Knight

As I walk into my bathroom with two other men I momentarily reconsider what I am about to engage in, is this right, is this moral, what would my parents think. But I am relieved when the young man next to me takes his shirt off and says “Lets get high”, and we did. Very, very, very High.

My plan was to smoke some herb and watch the Dark Knight, fun times right… BUT then it all went all went a bit wrong. I was too high. We had decided to skip the bong and just role a cheeky joint, but I was out of normal papers and the only ones I had left were those fuck off big Blunt Wraps (as endorsed by Snoop Dogg) from Cosmic Corner. “that’s alright, we‘ll just half fill it” we thought, but that wasn’t the case, we packed it completely, perfectly.

The art of a good hot boxing is ensuring you have a sealed space (cars are ok but you must ensure that all air vents are closed and no one needs to get out), having enough weed to properly fill the room and ensuring that you can vent the room once you are done. For these reasons we chose the bathroom of my flat, packed in to the small bathroom and got to work. The weed was good, but the shear size of the joint was overpowering the small room. The place filled with smoke and the humidity of the room was stifling, we were struggling for non THC filled air. We were too high, so obviously we had to smoke another.

After twenty we left, and headed to Reading Cinema. The toughest part was buying the tickets, I was afraid of being asked too leave, I was paranoid… shit. As we walked into the movie theatre I couldn’t stop laughing. We took our seats, but were shocked at the amount of people in the theatre during the middle of the day. Didn’t these people have jobs?

The movie was taking hours to start, “what’s taking so long?” – my paranoia had returned. The people around me were staring at me, well I thought they were, fuck I’m too high for this. But then the lights dimmed and movie begun. A wave of relief washed over me. Here we go.

I wrote notes during the film to help my writing of this review but most of them are illegible, these are the ones that actually looked like words:
Music is AWESOME
Action out its arse
Shoulda got popcorn
Katie Holmes = hot BUT Maggie gylenhal = actual good actress
The Joker is sooooooooo good
I want a Helicopter
City looks soooooooooo cool
Maybe we should go get more high

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