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Important VUWSA Notices

Nominations Open for the VUWSA GENERAL ELECTIONS
On 8th September 2008:

Vice-President (Education)
Vice-President (Welfare)
Vice-President (Administration)
Women’s Rights Officer
International Officer
Queer Officer
Environmental Officer

5 General Executive Members:
Clubs Officer
Activities Officer
Campaigns’ Officer
Two Education Officers

Council Representative
2 Publications Committee

Please visit the VUWSA office for nomination forms and role descriptions.
Nominations close 4:30pm 16th September 2008
Please e-mail

Returning Officer Wanted
To co-ordinate the up-coming elections for the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association

Fixed term contract for approx. 3 1/2 weeks or 110 hours in total, variable hours ranging from 20-40 hours per week, at 16.88/hr ($1856.80 Gross)

If you have a flair for promotion and good coordination skills, the ability to successfully manage and lead a team and the ability to plan, organise and implement with close attention to detail, then we want to hear from you.

Applications should include:
A statement of intent and experience
A short CV
A brief outline of how the election would be conducted if appointed.
Applications are hereby called in accordance with Schedule 2 of the VUWSA Constitution
Send CV’s to
For a full job description, or any further details,
please call Julie McKiernan on 04 463 6981
Closing date for applications is 5pm, Friday 5th September 2008

Wednesday 24 September
1PM Mount St Bar
2007 Financial reports
Executive Reports
Constitutional Amendments
Motions from the floor
Come along and have your say!

And Most Importantly:

Wanted: One writer with managerial skills and a suitably large ego to edit Salient in 2009.

This is a full time, salaried position starting in February 2009. To obtain a job description, email Julie McKiernan, VUWSA Office Coordinaor at or pick one up from the VUWSA office in the Student Union Building ground floor.

Applications will include a cover letter outlining your vision for Salient 2009 and a CV with at least two referees’ contact details.

Applications should be received by 5pm Thursday 18 September, and should be sent to:
Julie McKiernan
PO Box 600
Or –
Or – Drop it off at the VUWSA office in the SUB.

Job includes:
Overall responsibility for Salient 2009 and the VUWSA handbook Diary and Wall Planner 2009
Coordinating material sent in from groups on campus, management of paid and unpaid staff and planning of weekly issues, oversight of news and features, and management of the budget.

Applicants should have experience in journalism, financial planning and management, excellent communication and leadership abilities, and preferably experience with Mac desktop publishing.

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Salient is a magazine. Salient is a website. Salient is an institution founded in 1938 to cater to the whim and fancy of students of Victoria University. We are partly funded by VUWSA and partly by gold bullion that was discovered under a pile of old Salients from the 40's. Salient welcomes your participation in debate on all the issues that we present to you, and if you're a student of Victoria University then you're more than welcome to drop in and have tea and scones with the contributors of this little rag in our little hideaway that overlooks Wellington.

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  1. Gibbon says:

    so can we roll joel at the agm

  2. Dr. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    Just to let you all know, I intend to run for President.

    Manglethwaite VUWSA President in ’09 for lyfe!

  3. Wee Hamish (who did not stop crying from Aberdeen to Auckland) says:

    Wee Hamish for International Officer.

  4. James Malthus says:

    Good luck, we need more gingas in politics.

  5. Darren Hughes says:

    Are gingas even allowed to vote?!

  6. Freya says:

    Hm I’ll look into it. I’m pretty sure it’s against the constitution that Conrad is running for exec, let alone voting.

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