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September 15, 2008 | by  | in News |
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AUS hates on the National Party, says Party loves its rich chums

The Association of University Staff (AUS) has accused the National Party of undermining the provision of public tertiary education in response to the Party’s recent statement that private training providers should receive the same level of funding as public sector institutions.

According to AUS general secretary Nanette Cormack, National Party’s tertiary education spokesperson, Paul Hutchison, has complained that private training institutions do not receive public funding to provide real estate courses where similar courses are already being successfully provided by polytechnics.

Cormack said that Huchison’s suggestion that public and private tertiary education providers should compete against each other for funding to offer the same or similar courses revealed the Party’s plans to return the sector to a freefor- all competitive environment.

“Dr Hutchison clearly wants to return to the uncontrolled, wasteful, and deregulated practices of the past; that he is championing the public funding of private real-estate courses, particularly at a time when the real estate market has stagnated, simply serves to illustrate that the National Party cares more about its private sector friends than in the quality and relevance of tertiary education,” Cormack said.

“Considerable time and effort have been spent over the last few years developing a tertiary education strategy that is responsive to the economic and social goals and needs of the country, and to ensure that the component parts of the sector complement rather than unnecessarily compete against each other.”

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  1. blogette says:

    it is mark of just how biaised Seonah is that this appeared in salient. The AUS don’t like National. Wow.

    Did she seek comment from Paul Hutchison? No
    Did she just reprint the press release by AUS? Yes

    Shoddy, shoddy journalism. Come on Tristan you can do better than let this rubbish through.

  2. Gibbon says:

    oh snap

  3. blogette chiming in on the news that matters

  4. Chris says:

    Also, I reckon you could make a good case that your headline of “AUS hates on the National Party, says Party loves its rich chums” is completely misleading and inaccurate, and therefore in breach of press council guidelines.

  5. Chris says:

    One expects better from the news editor.

  6. hungry says:

    you national party minions are very defensive!

  7. Shitkicker McGee says:

    So amusing that Chris and blogette agree with each other. At least there’s no personality conflicts with Chris Bishop’s multiple personalities…

  8. blogette says:

    chris bishop wishes he was me

  9. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    Consider a town in which the Salient commenters are all clean shaven. The town has one barber, blogette. Each of the Salient commenters in the town either shaves themselves, or is shaved by blogette. Now consider blogette: does he/she shave him/herself? Well, if he/she shaves him/herself, blogette must be one of the Salient commenters in the town who doesn’t shave him/herself. But if he/she doesn’t shave him/herself, then he/she is one of the Salient commenters who does not shave him/herself and so is therefore shaved by blogette – so he/she shaves him/herself. You see the paradox here?

  10. Michael Oliver says:

    What if blogette trimmed?

  11. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    “Consider a town in which the Salient commenters are all clean shaven.”

  12. Michael Oliver says:

    more like consider a manglethwaite comment that isn’t a snore


  13. Mr Magoo says:

    emphasis on poo

  14. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    If by “dunked”, you mean dunked in the river Styx, as was Achilles by Thetis, leaving only a small spot, wherein lies my true weakness – which I shall, in all humbleness, reveal to all you avid readers of Salient – Curly fries from Sweet Mother’s Kitchen.

    So Michael, just because you do not understand LOGIC, and therefore anything at all, please prostrate yourself upon the alter of my ego.

  15. Mr Blog says:

    Chris Bishop doesn’t wish he was blogette, he wishes he was IN her.

  16. Michael Oliver says:

    peter manglethwaite on the footy show

  17. How does someone who is supposedly too busy slaving away for the Nats to have a sense of humor find the time to get really worked up about 20 line news stories in a student magazine? Yeesh.

  18. Chris says:

    Two points
    a) I am not blogette, despite many people thinking I am;
    b) You’ll note that I post comments, occassionally, in the mid to late evening (see 9.56, 11.45, etc, above).

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