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September 29, 2008 | by  | in News |
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VUWSA meets, surprisingly people turn up

Like the election candidates’ forum held the preceding night, last Wednesday’s VUWSA Special General Meeting (SGM) commenced a quarter of an hour behind schedule.

Fortunately, the meeting did not encounter its usual difficulties of meeting quorum, with President Joel Cosgrove probably lowering the implied definition when he explained to that “[raising your hand] is acknowledging this meeting exists.”

The first motion that was raised concerned student levies, with the proposal of a constitutional amendment to allocate one per cent of the levies to the Victoria Broadcasting Club (VBC).

A member of the VBC explained to those in attendance that the one per cent of student levies would provide the Club with stability and guarantee its survival, adding that at present, the radio station relies on a small group of unpaid volunteers.

According to Administration Vice-President Alexander Neilson, the amendment would not take effect in 2009 because the year’s levy figures had already been provided to the University, but he said that the VUWSA Trust had offered to pay the equivalent amount for the first year to ensure that the VBC received the money immediately.

Before the motion was voted on, Cosgrove said that the amendment had been approved by the VUWSA lawyers, who had deemed that it “fit” with the rest of the Constitution. The motion was passed with two against and one abstention.

The following motions concerned acceptance of the minutes from 2007 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the half-year Exec reports. In addition, VUWSA will be retaining the services of their solicitors and auditors.

A further motion was passed to delay the halfyear financial report until next year, because as Neilson explained, “The accounts were presented to VUWSA two weeks ago… the report is not ready.”

The SGM then reached general business, during which the new depths VUWSA had sunk to were aptly illustrated. Welfare Vice-President Melissa Barnard, Queer Rights Office Rachael Wright, former Education Vice-President Paul Brown, former Environmental Officer Tushara Kodikara and former President Nick Kelly were made life members following the passing of the respective motion.

Cosgrove, who had been part of the original motion, was not afforded the same honour following an objection from a student.

Professor Margaret Clark, Mark Thomas and John McCormack were also named life members. How they feel about being categorised with the aforementioned remains unclear.

Following these appointments, Campaigns Officer Sonny Thomas requested a quorum count. A brief glance of the dwindling audience prompted Cosgrove to comment: “That’s failed.”

The meeting subsequently lapsed, and Neilson told the few remaining with probably more enthusiasm than was reciprocated: “See you next year!”

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