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Anime: Princess Mononoke

Another of Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces, the director behind Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle, that follows a young warrior called Akatashi as he travels to the forest of the Deer God, in an attempt to rid himself of an evil curse. He attempts to protect the people of the ironworks as well as the animals of the forest, including the girl raised by wolves – San.

With a strong theme of anti-industrialisation, Princess Mononoke also includes themes of tradition versus modernity and harmony between animal and human. With scenes that rival Saruman’s burning of Fangorn forest, the ‘villain’ of the film, Lady Eboshi, is quickly identified. As with all Miyazaki films, Mononoke is easily accessible yet has powerful themes and some slightly disturbing animations, such as the samurai warriors who lose their heads from Akatashi’s arrows and the face of the Deer God, with his too-large eyes and too-wide smile. The animation is smooth and sleek with nothing that looks out of place. As with all anime I watch, I prefer the subtitled version, albeit the English dubbed version sports an all star cast. Highly enjoyable, if not a tad too long, but excellently crafted.

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  1. Authentic Japanese sword lover says:

    Princess Mononoke is related to Izumo Yasugi steel.
    And also it is related to Yasukuni tatara.
    Tatara means ancient steel making method and it was called “Takadono” in this anime.

  2. Kamakura says:

    In yasugi ,there is a flagship specialy steel plant of Hitachi Metals. The steels made in that place is also called yasuki steel.
    Because of its durability,it is used for cutlery

  3. Smith says:

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