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  1. Jackson Wood says:

    I sent in a column to the Pundit team on the dangers of Pack Journalism, Hunter S. Thompson and the Winston Saga. Eleanor Black, one of the main contributors, offered me very good feedback on what I needed to do to make the piece up to the standard for Pundit. They’re definitely going for the “mildly intellectual; interested in politics”, and the “person who wants something more than MSM analysis has to offer”, niche. Hopefully it will catch on because it has some really insightful and refreshing content.

    One has to wonder what you’ve been Googling to get targeted ads like those Rory? I got “2008 Diet of the year” and “Loose weight now” ads. Maybe this is a sign. Wanna start a jogging group?

  2. A jogging group? I’d love to, but I’ve just started ballin with this really cute guy from La Eme. I think he’s the one ^__^

  3. Michael Oliver says:

    Great post. Johansson’s blog is fascinating. I like his style.

  4. Superior Mind says:

    I have no idea who i’m going to vote for to be honest.

    But enough of that, now lets go completely off topic:

    Who the fuck decided that 3rd-5th of November would be a great time to take Blackboard down? Right at the end of the exam period are they fucking crazy?! I know they siad “make sure you’ve downloaded all your crap” but seriously, as I am now I have an exam tomorrow, I have something that I missed getting off blackboard and now I have to wait until it’s back online! What the flying fuck peopl!e? This is exam period! Do your fucking updates AFTER the exams are over not in the fucking middle of them! Sure you’ve got to do the updates before the new semester FUCK THAT! You’ve got fucking time beofe the new semester AFTER the exams are over!!

    Fucking Hell!!

    On second thought I might just vote Bill & Ben.

    (Superior Mind endorses the creation of a forum or something on this website where non-Salient-affiliated persons can vent their spleens without derailing unrelated blog posts.)

  5. Michael Oliver says:

    I’m all in favour of a Salient message board, too.

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