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Wood replaces Egarr

Current Salient Political Editor and Honours student Jackson Wood has been named as the new editor of the magazine for 2009.

Wood has spent the last year managing the politics pages of Salient, as well as contributing heavily to the magazine’s blog and its general website.

“[I’m] chuffed,” he said, when asked how he felt about the appointment.

Salient was first about opening up student issues, [the University], VUWSA and world issues,” Wood said. “I want to continue to engage students by providing a wellresearched and analytical News and Features section.”

His predecessor, Tristan Egarr, said that he believed Wood was the best candidate for the role. “He’s demonstrated throughout the year [his ability to put in] hard work and [his] maturity… and an intriguing sense of humour.”

Egarr added: “I’m relieved… because I don’t have to do [the job] anymore.”

Wood’s friend and colleague, Salient Films Editor Haimona Gray, described him as “honest, professional [and] polite.”

“Most importantly, he’s never used a pseudonym or pretended to be a bearded weirdo.”

Wood will be taking up his new position in late January 2009.

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  1. jonno says:

    I think Jackson owes it all to his detachable penis. Don’t you??!!??

  2. Oliver Went says:

    That’s fairly insensitive jonno. Didn’t you know he has a prosthetic arm?

  3. jonno says:

    Hey I saw his detachable penis on the news… are you trying to claim that it was his prosthetic arm that should be thanked?

  4. Jackson Wood says:

    Golly. I do not have a prosthetic arm! I’m not sure where detachable “picture of a dildo on a stick” got to. I think It might have fallen off my wall. Languishing, unappreciated behind my desk.

    I don’t think I owe it all to that. Just like 93.7%.

  5. jonno says:

    Well maybe the other 6.3% is due to great writing… however, the penis should be thanked and ‘loved’.

  6. Gibbon says:

    why’d you change the title of this one, jackson

  7. Jackson Wood says:

    It wasn’t me Gib. It was Seonah. She’s been applying for jobs etc and “Wood shafts egarr” was like the first hit under her name… not a particularly good google search term to have under your name!

  8. Mystery says:

    Fair enough, as it will remain as originally titled in print, nothing wrong with changing what is in a sense a blog post/electronic press release and yes Google picks up everything…

  9. Gibbon says:

    Thanks for the info JW

  10. bob says:

    Well at least Peter Manglethwaite didnt get the job – hes the bearded weirdo. DIckhead to boot. PhDork

  11. Peter Manglethwaite says:

    Oh snap!

  12. Jenna the Bassist says:

    Wood licked my pussy

  13. jimil says:

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  14. jimil’s column slated to be most popular in ’09 Salient; sweeps ASPAS, even when not nominated.

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