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November 24, 2008 | by  | in Online Only |
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Movember Gala

I did it. I cracked the $100 mark for donations and so I am going to the Movember Gala.
Movember - Attend a Gala Parte

This shindig will be happening at The Loaded Hog on the 27 of November. If you wanna come along and you haven’t raised enough cash you can purchase a ticket here.

As for me… Well I am thinking about keeping the Mo…


There is still time to donate! You can donate to Team Droopy, the best team, and the only team that has promised to not only grow a moustache, but do the dishes as well, (and it is like about a BAJILLION and ten times better than Rory MacKinnon’s team who, when I look at the list has only raised a lowly $45! I laugh in his general direction) by clicking on this really long sentence.

Keep it real Mo Bros and Sisters.


Ok so I lied. THe other members of Team Droopy are sausages and don’t want their faces on the internetz.

He’s dustylicious. Down at the gym, working on his moustaches fitness.

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  1. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    If I concentrate and strain really hard i’m sure I could outgrow your mo-tastic face afro in one fell swoop!

    Seriously though, great work. Go Team Droopy!

  2. I will gladly concede – not only have you raised more money, you’re also the clear winner of the 2008 amateur division Simon Pegg Lookalike Competition. Congratulations, Moseph.

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