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February 12, 2009 | by  | in Online Only |
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Who is Mark Taylor?

I was woken up at a few minutes past 8 am this morning by a journalist from Radio New Zealand asking if I knew a Mark Taylor. “What… hold on..?” I slurred from the depths of sleep. “Laura, do I know a Mark Taylor, he may have worked for Salient in 2006. Someone from RNZ wants to know. He’s been arrested in Pakistan or something.”

“Na, sorry. But I do have the 2006 Editors number. You could give him a call. He might not be as happy being woken up.” I told the woebegone journalist.

Quick text to James reveals that he didn’t know who he was either. Searching the Salient site reveals we did have a person named Mark Taylor. But is it the same guy?

Radio NZ’s story says that Mark is 35. Although I have no recollection of Mark, and no one in the office does anymore, it seems a bit of a stretch that a 35 year old was involved.

A quick tally of friends shows that everyone knows a Mark Taylor from way back. None of them know if their Mark Taylor is the one who Pakistani authorities think have ties to radical Islam.

Stuff, RNZ and many of the main media outlets are running around hands in air trying to find this guy. Asking if YOU know Mark Taylor.

Do you? I look forward to finding out who this guy is. I’ve sent MJO down to Births Deaths and Marriages to find his birth certificate and then to the library to see if he can locate his parents on the electoral roll.

If you know this guy please tell us about him by emailing me or Michael on or respectively.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a statement which says that Taylor is safe and well. He will remain in custody for further questioning. MFAT is recieving regular updates on his status and has requested permission to speak to him directly.

Mark Taylors parents have been contacted by MFAT but do not wish to be contacted by the media.

Mystery not quite solved.

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  1. Blue Rosebuds says:

    No surprise that they would call you if with your surname. Cryptic? Maybe, but if it is the Mark Taylor I think it is my comment will make perfect sense… don’t bother looking for birth records, the guy wasn’t born here, and his parents are not New Zealand born either.

    We will have to wait for Foreign Affairs to confirm, but my spidey-senses say I have the right man.

  2. Watcher says:

    Mark Taylor? I think you will find that in the late ’90s he was an eco-terrorist, carrying our raids and stuff for Greenpeace, along with Green MP Catherine Delehunty.
    I am sure court records will sho he was arrensted and discharged without conviction for some of his Greenpeace activites

  3. Shitkicker McGee says:

    I don’t know anyone called Mark Taylor :(

    But in my home town there was a guy called Mark who went out with my friend Katie and I could swear he was a viking.

  4. Neal Perry says:

    I once knew a Mark Taylor but he ran off with a gypsy bride when he was 17. I never heard from him again. Bastard owed me $3.50 cos I had bought him a pie, coke and doughnut combo. That must’ve been ages ago because a pie a coke and doughnut would cost closer to $15 than $3.50. Maybe it is the same guy…

  5. OI says:

    I saw a guy at the video store I work at last night, I thought his name was Mark Taylor, but it turned out that he was Mork Tyler. Silly mistake.

  6. Laura McQuillan says:

    As I recall, Jackson, you were already awake and I told you to tell them to piss off or call James Robinson. Who calls at 8am, seriously!

  7. Jackson Wood says:

    It’s all a little hazy. I was having this weird dream…

  8. Laura McQuillan says:

    You were brushing your teeth!!

  9. Wee Hamish says:

    It’s me, I’m Mark Taylor. I deeeeed it.

  10. MARK TAYLOR says:


  11. Gordon from Glasgow says:

    Nu son-a-myne is a fookin’ terrarist.

  12. Wee Hamish says:

    Oi Dahd, yew greese-slurpin’ loch ness poddington pansay, I draned me nessie in yoore mornhning coffee mornin. How’s thaat fer terrarisum?

  13. Matthew_Cunningham says:

    Famous Australian cricketer, back in the days when real cricketers had walrus moustaches and beer guts:

  14. BK Drinkwater says:

    MFAT knows who is:

    Blue Rosebuds misses, and Watcher makes a fascinating allegation, but provides no evidence.

  15. Shitkicker McGee says:

    Watcher is wrong – that was Rob Taylor

  16. I don’t think Tom from MySpace has been questioned adequately enough . I’ll get on that tomorrow.

    Haha, this is now the third hit on “normal” Google for “Mark Taylor”. Kia ora, stupid internet, Kia ora.

  17. Erin Taylor says:

    Mark is my adopted cousin (my uncle adopted him) His mother is in Australia but my uncle is here (NZ).

  18. anon says:

    His name was Mark Taylor.
    His name was Mark Taylor.
    His name was Mark Taylor.
    His name was Mark Taylor.
    His name was Mark Taylor.
    His name was Mark Taylor.
    His name was Mark Taylor.
    His name was Mark Taylor.

    His name. Was Mark Taylor.

  19. Mike says:

    What has happened to Mr Taylor???
    Some ideas worth pondering…

    1) No one anywhere in the whole country knows him.
    2) Out of the blue a Govt agency says he is ok & parents don’t want to talk.
    3) Nothing to report here, case closed…

    If it were me captured, I’d want media to put pressure on the Govt to get me the hell out of there! My family and friends would want and do the same…

    This whole scenario points to the capture of a NZ intelligence operative from the SIS or GCSB. The Government would have a great deal of trouble explaining there way out of that and we do have ‘agents’ in the region to help prop up the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan….

    “Mark Taylor’s parents have been contacted by MFAT but do not wish to be contacted by the media.”
    When was that ever heeded by the media? Never. Until now. Lies.

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