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March 2, 2009 | by  | in Music |
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Basshunter – “Now You’re Gone”

Question: Am I out of touch?

I just had a thought. Jackson and Uther had been a little vague on how much content I needed to submit for the first issue, so I figured that giving them a couple of extras beyond my Camp A Low Hum review might be helpful. Okay, so I should probably send them something else, but what? Nothing has really grabbed me of late, and I really don’t want to rip off Pitchfork for their next new hot thing.

Why not check out NZ’s top 40 albums chart? I can write something for the kids! Perhaps I can even write a battle review between whatever is at #1 and the Animal Collective album, thereby kick-starting a raging flame war on the letters pages. It can be one of those obvious indie vs. major things. Whoohoo! So what’s at #1 then? An album from some dude called Basshunter. I’m not even kidding here. He’s Swedish. It’s been at #1 for eight weeks. Eight fucking weeks! I’ve never even heard of him. Why do I have no idea what the #1 selling album in New Zealand is right now? Well, I don’t have a TV in my flat for one thing, and I rarely listen to the radio. Still, I like to think that my favourite digital media sources are more than good enough to keep me in the loop, so what the hell is going on? Maybe I haven’t been hitting up the blogosphere for new music enough? Maybe those funtimes at Camp A Low Hum still haven’t worn off and I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the new music I discovered over that joyous weekend? Maybe I haven’t been home enough lately?


What I do know is that I’d hate to miss out on the next Gold Digger or Thriller, and hey, an open mind is a good thing to have, right? The worst that could happen is that it’s terrible and I get to have fun savaging it! Nothing to lose I guess?

So I listened to the singles on MySpace and couldn’t be fucked with trying to get the rest of it. It’s probably all filler anyway. It’s also 1.17am at the time of writing. I’m tired from dealing with StudyLink all day. Bastards!

Bearing all that in mind, here are some key words and phrases that I feel best sum up NZ’s current #1 selling album.

Aqua. Abba. Euro. BOOM BOOM BOOM. I MISS YOU. Swedish. LOL <(^^,)>. Karaoke. Vengaboys. DoTA. 4/4. Lasers. Strobes. Club kick thunk thunk thunk. 1998.

Hope that helped. Yeah. Sorry. I phoned that shit in. A poor effort on my part really, but fuck it, it’s been at #1 for the last eight weeks (eight fucking weeks!) and you’ve probably either raved to it or laughed at it by now anyway.

Fuck you StudyLink.

Answer: Yes.

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  1. ButterMuffin69 says:

    Basshunter is a legend! Listen to his music in Swedish, its at its best then. His songs are basically Swedish Nerdcore but in English they have been remade into your standard pop music.

    His Swedish songs are about Warcraft III (the song DoTA is a reference to a famous map in the game), IRC, beaches and girls.

    What more could you ask for?

    Take a look over here: for subtitled videos of his music. Its the perfect music to get into the mood for a night of dancing.

    After having your fill of Basshunter take a look at Günther… Oh yeah!

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