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March 9, 2009 | by  | in Opinion |
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Editorial – Campus Redevelopment

Walking through the quad last Wednesday was like being violently transplanted into the middle of the original Dawn of the Dead. Zombie students stalked around scavenging brains and bank accounts while around them democracy failed.

It seems that every year this zombie-like apathy sets in earlier and earlier and becomes more and more profound. One student I spoke to didn’t even know why she had her hand raised, others just plain didn’t give a fuck that twelve million dollars of what is essentially your money is going to be spent on something most of us will not use.

The fear took hold. Wiping the blood of slaughtered undead off my brow I sprinted back to the Salient office, locked the door and dosed up on scotch. Not the cheap stuff either.

It had to be done.

So this week’s Salient is a tribute to your apathy. We’re hand feeding you the mangled limbs and semi-coagulated blood and bone of the Campus Hub Redevelopment plan.

Please come to the IGM at Mount Street Bar on 18 March. Follow the corpses.

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