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March 9, 2009 | by  | in Opinion |
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My BA was worth it- yeah right

The annual great Debate took place last Thursday night, arguing “that my BA was worth it”.

The affirmative team was composed of Hon. Darren Hughes, and comedians Jerome Chandrahasen and Tom Williams. The negative team was Dr. Russel Norman, comedian Jim Stanton and student debater George Hampton. The evening was held together by the always entertaining Greg Ellis, as Chair.

Having completed my BA last year (studying two of the subjects most hammered in the debate: Theatre and Political Science) and seated between a Law and Commerce student and a Science and Commerce student, I found the evening somewhat depressing, but nevertheless entertaining. I did have a bit of a giggle and a sideways glance to either side when one speaker quipped that a Commerce degree was “just a licence for theft.” Tehehe.

George Hampton, before being heckled off the stage (he wasn’t that bad, just everyone had cashed in their Tui vouchers by his third negative speech) had it right that the tone of the debate was “well lower than the New Zealand dollar.”

Jim Stanton, the only speaker not to have completed her BA, and also the only female in the debate, was a star. Go and see her when she next does stand up or performs with the Comediettes.

The Great Debate never fails to be a fun evening, a good laugh and a kickstart to the debating year. DebSoc club nights begin this Wednesday with an impromptu show debate at 6:30 in the Student Union Building. I hear there’s free pizza, so go along.

Although it was not the most motivational way to begin the year, with the speakers educating the mostly first year audience on how they had spent most of their BA (generally drunk) I was relieved to see it go to the affirmative team. My BA was totally worth it.

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Fiona was named "Recessionista" in the ASPA Fashion Awards 2009 for her Takaka op-shop frock and spray painted shoes. She co-edits the arts section and also likes to write about women and other stuff.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Im glad the affirmative won also. Its very clear when you get in a career role or applying that having a BA even though nicknamed buggar all by many a commerce student or others that dropped out. Those tempting to drop out finding it tough is to never give up – particularly if wanting to travel overseas where there are serious class divisions between those that have a degree and those that dont. However many of those ( Particularly from the UK and Ireland )that dont have a a degree are equally proud as they they have a trade and wouldnt want to be part of the degree crowd. If whatyou want to do requires a degreedoit but if it doesnt then dont ( say a trade) then i would say it probably isnt worth it.But for me- it was def worth all the struggles, bullshit and anguish.

  2. Moomama says:

    Bugger all yup. You do managing or marketing guys or you end up just working for us eh. GOod luck!

  3. Superior Mind says:

    Bob Jones has said that he would hire a humanities graduate but wouldn’t even look at a commerce graduate.

    “A person schooled in the humanities knows how to think and can learn the business later.”

    (That’s not a direct quote by the way.)

    Not trying to gloat but I coulda won that debate standing on my head, (I imagine that the head-standing would earn me extra points y’see.) I’ve spent many a long discussion justifying my degree to friends and family.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Many a commerce graduate ends up in a cubicle a” window seat” morelike a death sentence after four long years learning fact and figures rather than thinking for themseleves .Hence why not all commerce graduates direct and rule above BA graduates,if they cant think for themsleves and used to taking instructions how can they direct others without floundering.

  5. Moomama says:

    yeah go think for yourself on da dole! Idiots. Good luck finding a sexy lazy, only the pigs will want ya if yr not cashed up hahahaha

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