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March 23, 2009 | by  | in Opinion |
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Pelosi: “No One Above Law.” Bush Cohorts Chuckle.

Karl Rove, senior policy advisor to the Bush administration, has finally agreed to testify before the House regarding several breaches of Constitutional principles. The House Judiciary Committee had subpoenaed Rove in 2007 after House Democrats gained control of the Committee’s chairmanship following their victory in the 2006 mid-term Congressional election. The House Judiciary Committee—charged with the oversight of federal courts and officials—had several questions for Mr. Rove regarding his role in the corruption of the US Department of Justice, the purging of uncooperative State Attorneys, and the prosecution and federal imprisonment of Democratic Governor Don Siegelman.

Rove had ignored Congressional subpoenas and refused to testify, claiming executive immunity—a breach of Constitutional principles in and of itself. The US Attorney General at the time, Michael Mukasey, a Bush appointee, refused to enforce any subpoenas served to Rove or other top Bush officials, Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten. The wheels of justice had stopped turning as the Congressional branch and the Executive branch were locked in stalemate. In the end, the real losers were the Constitution and the American people.

Now, two years later, only after an entire change of government, Rove and Miers have ‘agreed’ to testify before the committee under a laundry-list of carefully negotiated conditions: hearings will be closed and all questions regarding presidential communications will be off-limits. Following the agreement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a statement declaring that justice had been done, and that no one was above the law.

Really? Where was this strong rhetoric two years ago, Nancy, when Karl Rove was spitting in the face our laws and wiping his ass with our Constitution? Was no one above the law when we discovered that White House officials had outed undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame—who was investigating nuclear proliferation—because her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson, had stated publicly that the intelligence Bush used to justify war was fiction? Is this Mickey Mouse, closed hearing really justice in action?

The United States has been going down a bad road: Watergate, Iran Contra, the entire presidency of George W. Bush. Each time, crimes committed against our country have gone unpunished. Look at the precedent it’s set.

America needs a civics lesson, meaning criminals must be prosecuted; the Constitution, dirty and shredded, must be protected and upheld. If these crimes go unpunished, we’re toast. America will never be destroyed from without; it can only be destroyed from within.

Sadly, the destroyers are winning.

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Andrew Mendes is an American studying International Relations and Public Policy at Victoria. He enjoys following politics and reading lots of news.

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