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Vivan Girls -Surf’s up 7″

Released as a 7-inch but deserving of wider distribution, Vivian Girls have channelled this latest effort into some weird limbo state between the old-school surf pop and new-school fuzz. I mean, they’re still hanging out with the noisy bros from No Age et al, but are kinda looking over at the 60s pop circle more and more and thinking ‘fuckkkk dude they’ve got some sweet looking milkshakes, wanna go hang out with them?’ And so they did.

I wasn’t sure if they could get much more awesome after their eponymous debut, but it seems they can. Essentially a pop band, but with enough punk guitar and dreamy fuzz to entice those with a narrow view of the ‘pop’ canon, Vivian Girls’ jams are all-girl vocals, all lo-figuitars, and all-amazing melody. Think The Pipettes, coupled with the dreamiest grunge-pop grooves this side of ‘About A Girl’ by Nirvana (yeah, you know that guitar part warrants a positive adjective).

These tracks take on a far more carefree vibe than earlier material, singing about escape and dating over relaxed chords, without the intense scuzz that permeated through their debut. They’ve also channelled this amazing sense of 90s Americana, the skatepark nostalgia that you thought only existed in the movies.

But on top of that, and better than that, there’s also this totally danceable feel. As in, Vivian Girls could play Second Date at the prom just as easily as they could the skatepark. You know the one—those proms where everyone knows all the same swaying dance moves, grooving with their smarmy suits and billowy floral dresses in sync, while the band plays infront of some cheesy ‘Senior Prom 85’ banner. Now that I think about it, kinda like that prom in Back to the Future (which was totes more 80s than the 60s prom they made it out to be so there). Only more lo-fi, less Michael J Fox.

Yes, it’s only a 7-inch, barely an EP. But its also worthy of the praise being lavished on it here—it’s not often enough that A) I discover awesome girl bands, B) lo-fipop gets this authentically nostalgic, and C) either A or B get the recognition they deserve. So go download it, it’s only 10MB. That’s, like, 0.2% of the size of the new Lost episode. Better too.

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