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April 6, 2009 | by  | in Opinion |
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Clubs Officer Column

To whom this may concern,

Thanks for voting me in guys! It means a lot. It means I can be a titled regular VUWSA visitor, as supposed to earlier years of untitled hanging about.

As the Clubs Officer I get to have a two page job description, full of far too many abstract ideas. I get to have all the clubs’ email addresses and spam them with love mail/fun mail/come to this, let’s do that mail/way too much info mail/mail that no one reads/mail that no one writes and other varieties. Other then that, my job is to ensure clubs get as much support as possible from VUWSA and have all the resources they need to remain healthy and shiny.

Clubs days were off the chain. I hear there were a lot more recruitments as this year we had seven days of clubs instead of two. You can join clubs any time and I’d say you should! It’s a great way to get involved, meet people and be jolly. You can also start your own club. I’d say why not. Easiest way to collect info about that is via VUWSA website. In this spacey techno era all things are up in the air aka on-line.

At the moment I am trying to dig out the Improve Club and the MASC club, as well as make inspirational speeches for the potential finder of the Comedy Club ( Cruz- do it!).

There was a survey passed around for the clubs to fill out. The findings show that clubs want to hang out together. One of my goals is to initiate clubs networking events. Christian groups had their first official get together this Monday and sustainability groups’ big hang is not too far away. I’ll be working on clubs events Facebook page this week, so you can add another friend who’ll tell you piles of info about ways to get involved and clubs’ events schedules.

If you want to hang out and drink coffee/tea/whatever you bring with VUWSA and get involved in orientation, re-orientation and other groovy events through the year then e-mail us. We are looking for volunteers to hang out and help out. (You basically get free entry to VUWSA events and get to be everyone’s favourite).

Fair Trade fortnight is happening. Get involved. Do something. Clubs and individuals can now register to be a part of the Fashion in Recession DIY show to be held at the beginning of May. E-mail or for more info.

If you like quality entertainments in good quantity then come to the UniGames pre-party to be held on the 8th of April. Keep your minds open for more details. Tickets will be sold for $10. (The new ShoW in ToWn is……..The Clubs Express! Wed 12pm-1pm on the VBC 88.3 FM. Musically developed and verbally progressive. Have a listen! You might like it).

Ta guys (have a coffee…that was lots of info).

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