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May 25, 2009 | by  | in Opinion |
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Bugger All 10


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  1. this comic smells says:

    omg, this is ghei. you’d think if the ‘artist’ is just going to endlessly copypasta the same image, she might take more trouble drawing it the first time. seriously, it’s fug. i can draw better than this. and i suck at drawing! not to mention that huge pointless notice board that takes up most of the panel. and oooh, jokes about rule 34 and the cookie monster! how very cutting edge! it’s certainly not something that we’ve all heard a million times before.

  2. Brunswick says:

    Someone needs their nappy changed.

  3. Superior Mind says:

    Don’t be a dick.

  4. Superior Mind says:

    Learn to write too.

  5. Matthew Donaldson says:

    Brunswick, what happened to the Bad Sex Guide? Too much effort?

  6. Brunswick says:

    Complicated story. Concentrating on graphic novel instead.

  7. Matthew Donaldson says:

    Ahh, I see. Fair enough, sounds promising.

  8. Michael Oliver says:

    A formal request for a “Bugger All” comic to end with a dramatic zoom-in on the guy with his hands in his pockets.

    No speech bubbles, no explaniation, just one huge zoom-in.

    A second request for the remainder of the series to conclude this way regardless of the platform laid in the previous panels.

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