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May 4, 2009 | by  | in Opinion Theatre |
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Comedy Festival: A Preview of a First Week

Deep in the bowels of Salient, Uther Dean, Dominique Lecchi and myself sat down to battle the battling battle that battlers of comedy must in truth battle. By which I mean, we divied up what shows interested us in the first week of the Comedy Festival. It was a round table of under-excellence personified.

Concern was raised over whether Wayne Brady’s extended solo improvisation was really worth the $80 price of admission. Considering that he probably sold out around six months ago, we needn’t have wasted our short and gasping breaths—well, Dom’s weren’t, but Uther and I did not want to feel so bitterly alone together.

Dom and I fought like fag hag against sweaty fag deep in heated debate on divvying up who got international acts Maeve Higgins’ Kitten Brides, and Janey Godly, of whom Dom claimed “may be the most interesting woman on Earth.” Both of these shows will be good, as I have yet to see a bad Godley show, and Higgins—well, YouTube her, and take a look for your fine self.

Uther and I discussed the merits of what made a good shock comic, which is why segueing this into Puppetry of the Penis makes sense, my mum loves them, but as Uther said, “good on them for playing with their penises on stage, but eventually that’s just masturbation.” I just don’t think I could handle another hour of them with “that woman.”

I begged salivotory salivations of spit to see Breaking the 5th Wall (Bats), as from everything I have seen and heard of it, it seems like the sort of post-Snuff Box, post-Fast Show kind of sketch comedy that makes the ADHD child inside of me plastic bananas are great. Uther said that he was “always interested to see what improvisers do with scripts,” and considering the amount of WITed pedigree that is in there (Woody Tuhiwai for one example), it may just rape the ape for you.

Lets look at the Comedy Cure’s Word on The Street. Why? Because it’s four more or less gifted performers who are comfortable working with each other, trying something very new. I like new things. I like Cam Murray best as a writer in a theatrical realm, so I hope he had much to do with their sketch work. To be honest though, I’d probably be keen to see this even if it was just straight stand up, because with people like T. J. McDonald and two of the Comediettes, (Sarah Harpur and Jim Stanton), it won’t suck. Well, it might, I can’t control the future, but hey, fuck you kid.

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