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Dead Space

br00tal alien slaughter fest

I have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with survival-horror games. The idea of being immersed in a world where I’m some badass skux deluxe in a creepy fucked up world fucking up some horrifically mutated human alien creatures and be the heroic sounds like a killer good time. Well, sure beats going to town by myself, awkwardly bumpin’ and grindin’ every chick at the Big Kumara, hoping one day, that one chick, will feel sorry enough, to take me home with her. However I’ve never managed to last the distance, being the pussy that I am, I bail at the instance of anything that gets the heart jumping and thus creating sporadic gaming sessions. So I promised myself to rectify this e-cred reducing issue before it goes out of hand. Dead Space is the game to help take me from a socially awkward gamer to a socially awkward gamer that can take down bring the urban justice to the dreary scum in game servers around the world.

Dead Space is about a dude named Isaac Clarke and his crew, who goes to a mining station in space to investigate a distress call and gets totally fucked up by crazy as mutants (called Necromorphs). First thing I got to say about this game is that it is fucking scary. Scary like bumping into a trannie in a dark alley on Sunday morning scary. Visceral Games did a great job in creating an atmosphere that is spooky and creepy. Visually and audibly they achieve this by having decent graphics and atmospheric sound effects but also displaying details of distress and gruesome aftermath of murder. Blood smears and rotting bodies lay scattered in a lifeless room. Sometimes it’s just silent and all I hear is the open and shutting of a faulty automatic door. My heart rate speeds up in anticipation of something. I find nothing. I continue in my journey thinking I’m clear. Then BAM!!!!! I shit my pants, outrageous mutant thing lunges at me and I franticly try to shoot the limbs off. This is the great thing about Dead Space; for the most part it is not very predictable. After playing so many games with action triggers, this is a much welcomed change from the continuous bombardment of action to a more concentrated splattering of action that adds to the intensity of survival.

The combat style of this game is similar to the recent Resident Evils, with the 3rd person over the shoulder perspective. Main difference is that it was positioned closer to the character,to create a more claustrophobic atmosphere but at the expense of moveability. I found it annoying when being attacked by mutants, flanking the sides, I was unable to see them and when I had realised where they were it was incredibly frustrating moving quickly enough to eliminate them effectively. However eliminating these Necromorphs is no easy task. It’s not simply the good old bullet spam my way out of trouble game play. Killing Necromorphs required finesse and precession. Something I know many of my fellow gamers lack in *stares over at Shinigami and Hans-Moron*. In order to kill these badies efficiently you actually have to shoot the limbs of, sometimes when ammo is low, shooting one limp off and then going for the stomp on da mo’fucking face would be most efficient. With all these variables, taking on multiple Necromorphs is quite a challenge but oh so satisfying to be able to take revenge for freaking the beejeebers out of me and seeing the bloods and guts fly all over the place!

The biggest drawback of the Dead Space was that while I was playing I never felt connected to the character. I was immersed in the environment of Dead Space but I never felt any emotional attachment to Isaac. I never got to experience the emotional rollercoaster, similar to that in Gears of War 2, yet in the plot of the game, Isaac is trying to save girlfriend from the Necromorphs. This is the new challenge for action games. GTA 4, Gears of War and Max Payne are all games known for not only its amazing graphics and innovation but also its emotional depth. By making Isaac speechless, he just seems less human.

After playing Dead Space I now realise that I’m still a pussy. I couldn’t play it at night in my gaming den and I need the V.B.C 88.3fm Retro Vice Monday Drive show podcast playing in background. But I also know the cure to my sporadic gaming sessions is not to make the game less scary but to be more of a pussy, by being emotional and latching onto any protagonist’s flaws and emotional vulnerability I can identify with. In this department Dead Space falls just short but otherwise still a decent game.



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  1. buddy says:

    so good …

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